LearnProduct updatesProduct Update November 2021

The last product update of 2021 is here! We're closing the year with a bang with these great features. These will make your webinars even more personal. Apply these features and take your webinars to the next level.

Geolocation webinar viewers

Even more insight into your viewers! From now on you will not only see how long someone watched but also from where they watched. On the stats page, you will find a world map showing from which country someone watched. Very valuable if you have international plans, you will know exactly which country you can put more focus on. You'll also see what device they were watching on. Optimize your webinar and the environment entirely to suit your viewers.

Customize redirect URL

Send important data to your own website with the custom redirect URL. Thanks to the personal data, you can personalize your confirmation pages. Information like name and company is sent along with the page. This way, you customize your pages based on every single participant. Setting it up is very simple. All you have to do is add tags.

Anonymize on demand webinar subscribers

It was already possible to anonymize data from live and automated webinars. This is sometimes necessary due to the GDPR. Now you can do the same for on demand webinars. Easily choose if you want that for all registrations, or just for a single registration. Your viewer's data is now even more secure with on demand webinars.

Video uploads in replay downloads

The videos you show during your webinar are now available in the replay download. Videos from YouTube, on the other hand, are not included because of copyright. The more reason to use the video upload in WebinarGeek itself. That way you're sure that all the footage from your webinar is included in the download.

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