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Product update: New languages for templates

Pam - WebinarGeek


02 September 2022 - 5 min

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New languages for templates

Your favorite webinar software is becoming more accessible and international! Besides the languages English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Italian, it is now also possible to set your webinar templates to Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish. Every time you create a webinar, you can choose a language in which the template of, for example, the registration page will be shown. The great thing is that now our Scandinavian customers can also do this in a jiffy, without having to translate any buttons afterward. Which language are you still missing? We'd love to hear it, just send us a message in our live chat. 

Customize the email verification confirmation page

Have you set that someone is only registered after confirmation via email? Then you now have the option to also customize this page according to your own branding. In this way, you create a whole and your webinar is even more recognizable. Get started and customize the confirmation page exactly how you’d like. 

Assessment module for every plan 

Are you hosting an interactive webinar? Great! By adding a lot of polls and quizzes, you really keep the audience engaged. Maybe you’re a little curious to know who of your attendees are the most engaged. By adding the assessment module, it is easy to measure this afterward. For example, add a minimum viewing time, a minimum number of correct answers to a quiz, or a minimum number of completed polls and see who succeeds in your webinar. And the best part is: it's available to everyone! We've also added it to the Starter plan so let’s go! 

A department becomes a Workspace

Do you have multiple users in your account? Then you used to have the possibility to have multiple departments. To clarify what this is to you, we are calling it a Workspace from now on. A new name that basically means the same thing, but of course, we want to inform you about it. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about it. 

The new streaming page: coming very soon! 

Yes, it is almost here! The new streaming page from where you host your webinars is almost ready. Our developers (voluntarily!) lock themselves up in our office to put the finishing touches to it. And then it's time for our biggest release ever to go live. We can't wait! Curious about a sneak preview? You can find it in your account at Account > Product Updates. 

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