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Product Update: upload your own virtual background

Pam - WebinarGeek


21 September 2023 - 5 min

Exciting new features have been added to our platform, promising to take your webinars to a whole new level. You can now employ a new trigger, incorporate additional branding options, and anonymize data in bulk

Upload your own virtual backgrounds

Want to stand out from the crowd during your webinars? You got it! With our latest update, you can upload a custom virtual background image, giving your audience a fresh and personalized visual experience. A world of creative possibilities has just opened! 


Custom team member labels

Looking to create a webinar experience that's uniquely yours? Customize it further by setting custom labels for your webinar team members in the chat. Create titles for your webinar team that fit the corporate branding on the Branding page. You can showcase your brand identity and build stronger connections with your audience.

Team member label

New trigger

Get ready to use brand-new watched triggers! Now, your integrations can respond when someone interacts with your webinar content in various ways. Whether they're tuning in live, catching the replay, or just hitting play, our triggers have got you covered. Engage your audience like never before with real-time insights into their viewing habits. You can send an email at the same time someone starts watching your replay, for example. There is no moment when your leads are warmer!

New trigger screenshot

Integrate more seamlessly: HubSpot opt-in

Your HubSpot contacts are about to get a whole lot smarter! We've added opt-in permission and webinar registration source information to your HubSpot contact properties. Now, you can seamlessly integrate and nurture your leads, armed with valuable data on their engagement with your webinars.

Mass-anonymize and remove subscribers

We take data privacy seriously. Our new feature allows you to mass-anonymize or remove data from subscribers across all your webinars in convenient batches. It's all accessible from your account pages under Security, making data management a breeze.

These updates are just the beginning of what we have in store for you. We're committed to continually enhancing your webinar experience, so stay tuned for even more exciting features on the horizon.

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