Product Update: Summer 2019

15 August 2019 - 4 min

Product update summer 2019

The calm holiday period and the warm summer nights give us the perfect opportunity to develop new features. This product update will have a lot of new stuff in store for you. We expanded some existing features with extra options that a lot of people requested.

New options for automated webinars

We’re seeing a huge increase of automated webinars usage. No surprise, because it’s a fantastic way to utilize webinars without lifting a finger. Perhaps the holiday period is the reason for this?

Based on your feedback, we introduced a few new features to make the automation life even easier.

The option to offer ‘yesterday’s recording’

In an automated webinar, visitors of your registration page are limited to the options you make available to them. For people without patience, you can now activate the toggle for offering yesterday’s webinar recording right now. This allows someone to directly view the (not so live) webinar. Obviously, this is the same video you chose for the automated webinar.

Question box instead of live chat

When you aren’t present during the broadcast yourself, live chat is not the way to receive viewer questions. They will never directly be answered. That’s why you can also choose the option 'question box'. Viewers can ask questions through a question form. This question will end up directly in your inbox, so you can answer them through email as soon as possible.

Final date in your broadcasting schedule

It’s now possible to set a final date for recurring broadcasts. Pretty useful for when you’d like to test a different time slot after a while, for example. You don’t have to delete an entire series of broadcasts anymore when using this.

More options for registration fields

Every webinar starts with the registration process and the registration form is a key element in this process. We added a number of options for adding extra fields and organizing the form.

New types of fields

It’s now possible to add dropdowns and radio buttons as a registration field. This allows people to answer a couple of multiple choice questions, so you’re able to get to know your subscribers even better and segment them when needed. We also added some standard fields for countries and phone numbers. These fields ask to provide a certain format, even when a phone number is filled in the wrong way.

Easily sort registration fields with the drag option

After you created all the fields you need, you might want to change the order. This can now easily be done by simply dragging the fields to the desired position. We love drag and drop!

Uploading a PowerPoint or PDF file

When you’ve created a presentation, you’d want to upload it as fast as possible to use for your webinar. You can now upload a PPT file or PDF file to use for webinar presentations.

Uploading a PowerPoint file

After uploading your PPT file, it will automatically be converted into separate images. You’d be able to share these with ease during the webinar. Please note: when you used animations, these will not be visible during the presentation.

Uploading a PDF file

It’s possible to upload any type of PDF file. This will allow you to present a PDF file without any issues during your webinar.

On demand webinars

For on demand webinars, it’s now easier than ever to analyze watchtime. This can be influenced by yourself, by not providing an option to scroll through the recorded webinar.

For improving the viewing experience, we implemented a pretty cool feature. After someone decides to pause the webinar, they can continue on from the moment they left after coming back. A small pee-break won’t be an issue for attendees anymore!

Turning off the scroll bar

By turning off the scroll bar, you’ll make sure viewers aren’t able to skip any parts of the (not so live) webinar. In this way it’s going to be easier to determine if someone watched the whole broadcast.

Resuming broadcast from last watched moment

Attendees that are watching an on demand webinar or replay and do something else in the meantime, can come back after their break and continue where they left the show. They obviously will need to watch it from the same device for this to work.