Product update: Timezones and templates

23 October 2019 - 4 min

Product Update: webinars in every timezone, French and Spanish

Behind the scenes, we are hard at work on our internationalization. And with that we mean the development of features for our international clients, as well as our own international breakthrough!

In this product update the introduction of different time zones is the central theme. We also added the languages French and Spanish to create a webinar. The last new feature is the multiple choice option for the polls.

Different time zones

For everyone aiming to reach an international audience with webinars, it’s important to remind people about the starting time of the webinar. That’s how everyone makes sure to log in on time. It would be much more practical to display the starting time of the webinar in your own timezone as a visitor of the registration page. That’s exactly what we changed for this update.

Time zone relevant data and webinar starting time

Visitors of your registration page will get to see the date and time of your webinar automatically in the time zone that person currently is located. This will obviously also be considered in any future communication, such as per email. The information can also be found in the webinar statistics.

Setting a timezone on account level

Set your own time zone for the location you’re using our webinar software. Here you’ll find more information on how and where to configure this.

French and Spanish webinars

When creating a webinar you can now also choose French and Spanish. With the options Dutch, English and German already present, we’re already covering quite a few of our language bases here.

All standard webinar templates will be auto-generated in the language of choice. This allows participants with a particular language background to participate without any issues. Obviously, most elements can be edited later on.

Setting up multiple choice questions as a poll

When generating a new poll, you can now choose for multiple choice questions as well. This gives you even more opportunities to collect relevant data about your participants. Here you’ll be able to find more information about how to create a new poll.

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