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You’ve probably already seen or heard of the Biggest Pub Quiz in the world hosted by WebinarGeek. Our very own way to battle the boring Christmas days to come.

Need more information on how you can join, what the pub quiz is, or some cheat codes on how you can win? This blog describes it all.

What is the Biggest Pub Quiz in the world?

The Biggest Pub Quiz in the world is a collection of three different pub quizzes. These are hosted over a period of 9 days to battle the boredom of the lonely Christmas holidays. Anyone can join the pub quizzes and you can play alone, or with an entire team of people.

When is the Biggest Pub Quiz in the world?

The three different pub quizzes are hosted between December the 22nd and December the 31st. You can join the pub quizzes from 1 PM (13:00 CEST) till 8:30 PM (20:30 CEST). Every half-hour a new set of pub quizzes will start.

What is the difference between the three pub quizzes?

There are three different pub quizzes, edition 1, edition 2, and edition 3. All editions have the same subjects but every edition has different questions. This way you can join more than one pub quiz. Enjoyed edition 1? Sign up for edition 2 and 3 to beat your best friend or that one annoying colleague who thinks he can never lose a game!

What are the subjects?

Every edition has the same 6 subjects: Movies, sports, music, 2020 news, international politics, and logos. The questions per subject vary for every edition.

Are the pub quizzes available in different languages?

The three pub quizzes are available in Dutch spoken and English spoken versions. Please note! The questions for the Dutch and English versions are the same. So 'Editie 1' and 'Edition 1' have the same questions just in a different language.

How do I register?

You can register via the following link: https://get.webinargeek.com/biggest-pubquiz/. Pick the edition that speaks to you, and pick the right date and time. You will receive a confirmation email with your unique link to the webinar. No download needed, because WebinarGeek is completely browser-based.

Please note! Don’t share this unique viewing link with your team because it’s not possible to view the webinar at the same time via that link.

What do I do if I want to invite the rest of my team?

If you want to invite your teammates you can share this link: https://get.webinargeek.com/biggest-pubquiz/. They need to register for the same edition, date, and time as you. Don’t forget to share the team name so we know you’re all on the same team. After registration, they will receive a confirmation email with their unique viewing link.

I am the team captain. What does that mean?

Congratulations, all responsibility falls on you. Just kidding! As team captain you have the same rights and responsibilities as the other team members. We just want to know who the team captains are.

Are we playing against another team?

Anyone can join the pub quiz. So chances are high you’re competing against another team or teams. Want to improve your chances of winning? Create a group in WhatsApp or Google Meet so you and your team can communicate during the webinar.

Where can I find the rules of the pub quiz?

The rules of the pub quiz will be explained before the start of the pub quiz.

What are the cheat codes?

What cheat codes? Everyone has the same chances so play fair! Don’t google the answers because Santa’s elves are keeping an eye on you.

What about the prizes?

The prizes will be kept a secret for now. We can however tell you that the winners will be notified at the beginning of January.

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