LearnWebinarsThe New Webinar Channel

The channel is one of the favorite features of the Geeks. That’s with good reason! The channel is an amazingly versatile marketing tool to upgrade your webinar game. Your channel is the best place to showcase all your upcoming and on-demand webinars. All on one single page!

Since the channel is such a useful feature, the team worked hard on updating it. The webinar channel now has a new layout and customization options to fit the page to your corporate identity. The channel is now also available in different languages, meaning the templates are now available in Dutch, English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.

Just like your webinar, the channel now has a statistics page. This page shows you how many visitors and subscribers your channel has, visitor information like time spent on the channel, and demographic information. It also shows you exactly who has subscribed to your channel.

Channel as your promotion tool

That’s another feature that makes the channel great. The ‘subscribe to channel’ function. Your visitors can subscribe to your channel by leaving their email addresses. Whenever you update it with a new webinar, they will receive a notification email, suggesting to register to your new webinar. This way, your webinar is its own promotion tool.

However, this isn’t the only way to get more viewers from your channel. Just like the previous version of the channel, the new and improved one can be embedded on your website. This means you’ll have an overview of all your webinars on your own website. Your website visitors can immediately subscribe to your webinar from your website.

All in all, the channel update made an awesome feature even better. Publish your new channel today and upgrade your webinar game!

Need some inspiration? Check out our own webinar channel!

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