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A webinar series is a series of webinars linked together. The webinar series has been available in WebinarGeek for a while, but it’s now possible to create an on demand webinar series as well. The perfect way to generate passive income with your courses or other webinar series. 

Broadcast vs Series

There is a difference between a webinar with multiple broadcasts and a webinar series. A multiple broadcast webinar is good to use when you want to re-run the same webinar more than once. When you want to host several webinars that do relate to each other, the series is the right option to choose. 

Why a webinar series

Linking your webinars is the ideal way to turn your webinars into a series. For example, consider a course that consists of multiple lessons. For each lesson, a separate webinar can be created that is linked to the series. Participants can then easily follow all webinars from the same course. Of course, this can also be done with a separate webinar, but a series brings a lot of advantages, such as: 

  • One-time registration: Participants only need to register once for all webinars. When registering, they have the option to choose which webinars they want to register for, or if they want to register for all of them. The registration links are then all sent in a confirmation email. This way, participants do not have to perform any additional actions.  

  • Layout Templates: The layout of the templates are the same for each webinar. This means that you only have to format the webinar once, and all linked webinars will have the same layout. Of course, it remains possible to adjust the content per webinar. 

  • Generate passive income: An on demand webinar, differs from the other webinar forms because viewers can watch your webinar whenever it suits them. Because you only have to record and link the webinars once, it’s the perfect way to monetize your webinars and generate passive income with your on demand webinar series. 

  • Clear distinction: Series are shown differently on the new Channel. In this way, it is immediately clear that it is a webinar series and not a separate webinar.  

So by making a series of your on demand webinars, you can offer a course without any effort and continue to generate income at the same time. You set it up once and then you don't have to worry about it anymore. Your viewers gain new knowledge, and you gain new revenue. A win-win! 

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