LearnWebinarsTech start-up disrupts Webinar Hosting Industry with Affordable Pricing

Tech start-up disrupts Webinar Hosting Industry with Affordable Pricing

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24 February 2020 - 3 min

At the office at WebinarGeek. With Remco and colleagues

Zoetermeer, 26 February 2020 – WebinarGeek, a professional webinar hosting solution built specifically for businesses, announces its expansion to the EU market. As a revolutionary new addition to the webinar marketing space, making hosting easier and significantly more affordable.

Today’s announcement reflects a big shift in the webinar marketing industry pioneered by WebinarGeek. A powerful and easy-to-use platform with breakthrough analytics, customizations, and other marketing tools. Originally founded in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands in 2015 by entrepreneur Remco Treuren, WebinarGeek has a unique mission to empower businesses with the right tools to create and utilize webinars within their own walls. With the roll-out of WebinarGeek’s hosting in the EU, the company is taking another big step towards helping businesses iterate on their webinar strategies.

WebinarGeek is a next-generation webinar platform that allows the host to present interactive webinars and generate strong leads. Because it is browser-based, it works on all devices and requires no resource-hungry, performance-killing downloads.

Webinars has become such a popular piece of content, that we were excited to launch our Webinar Software international to dive deeper into the trends impacting our industry.

- Remco Treuren, Founder & CEO at WebinarGeek.

WebinarGeek’s growth has been rapid since opening its doors in 2015. More than 3500 businesses across The Netherlands depend on WebinarGeek’s webinar software for more authentic communication.

More and more marketers, social influencers, HR managers, and sales managers are getting results from using webinars in their marketing strategy. WebinarGeek takes live streaming to a whole new level with its interactive capabilities. WebinarGeek also provides users with high-quality, detailed analytics based on a variety of micro-interactions as viewers react and respond to content and information.

“We believe webinars are the most powerful communication tool available today,” says Remco Treuren, Founder & CEO of WebinarGeek. “By making our software user-friendly and affordable, we're encouraging companies to experiment and use WebinarGeek to create webinars throughout all areas of the enterprise: marketing, HR, education, and customer support, all with the ability to measure impact and continuously improve.

Live or Automated webinars

With air travel being one of the major contributors to global warming, and the cost of travel and accommodation, getting attendees to seminars is more challenging than ever. The solution is a webinar, where a workshop or presentation is provided directly to a wider audience using the internet. With WebinarGeek’s webinar software, you can either host live or automated webinars.

On demand generation

Recent studies show the next generation is more interested in on demand content. With that in mind, WebinarGeek created the on demand feature. Publish a recording of a webinar and let viewers decide when to watch it. You can even make this a paid webinar.

WebinarGeek team photo at the office


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