WebinarGeek Transfer Service

16 March 2020 - 2 min

With the current advice to companies and organizations to allow employees to work from home whenever possible and to cancel events with more than 100 participants, the demand for webinar software has increased.

These are hectic times for everyone and that is why we want to help as many companies as possible to convert their offline event into an online event. That is why we, temporarily. offer the Transfer Service.

Cancellation of events, conferences, and training

Do you have to cancel an upcoming event because of the Coronavirus? In many cases, it is quite possible to continue this event online. By organizing a webinar you can reach participants safely and remotely. That way, an event, conference, training or course can still continue.

What can we do for you?

Don’t you want to or do you not have the time to spend organizing an online event in our webinar software? Then we are happy to do this for you!

What does the Transfer Service entail?

  • Participants will receive a unique viewing link to participate.
  • Advice on necessary equipment, such as a webcam and a microphone. Check the list here.
  • Explanation of the use of the software during a webinar.

We offer this service for € 495,-. 

Contact us directly to discuss the possibilities. Let's make your online event a success together!