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I hear you thinking; "Green webinars? Is that a webinar with a green registration page? Or a webinar where I am using a green screen?". That is not what we mean.

It's about how webinars help with creating a better environment! Give Mother Nature a hand and host a webinar instead of a physical meeting. This is why!

1) A webinar doesn't emit any exhaust fumes 

With physical meetings a lot of people travel to a specific location. At large events, this means that thousands of people all leave a carbon footprint. This is not necessary with a webinar, because you can participate in a webinar from anywhere, with any device.

Especially for international meetings where participants come by plane, this saves a lot of CO2. Most people know this is really bad for the environment. Webinars are an environmentally friendly solution. And it also saves time and money!

2) A webinars saves you a lot of paper!

During a physical presentation, many flyers and handouts are often handed out and in the end this ends up in the trashcan. This, or the parking lot turned out to be a huge mess.

During a webinar you can easily share your handouts or links to the website in a call to action. Not only is that more environmentally friendly, the chance that participants will lose it is lower. You can also see who clicked on it and actually did something with your document. Then you know right away who the warmest leads are.

3) No waste with a webinar

Everyone likes to be provided with a drink (and maybe even food) at a meeting. At larger events, this is often arranged through catering. Disposable cutlery and glasses are very often used for this, which is again a waste that ends up in the trash afterwards.

During a webinar that someone follows online, there is no waste. Someone is probably using the exact glass or plate that they always use. Do you want to make something fun out of it? There are plenty of companies where you can have climate neutral goodie boxes delivered. Of course, keep in mind that you will have this delivered by a bicycle courier :-) !

4) A webinar is climate neutral

You don't need much for a webinar. You use significantly less power than at a physical event. Viewers can watch from any device, even on their phone. No large LED screens, illuminated spaces where no one is and a whole bunch of studio lamps. A few lights are enough to get a good picture, often daylight is enough.

5) Recycling content 

To stay in the green vibes, recycle not only materials you use during your webinars but also your content, because every webinar is automatically recorded. Offer the replay as an on-demand webinar to still gather new leads with existing content, or send the recording to non-viewers.

You can also cut out short clips from the replay and place them on social media. You'll gather (new) viewers that way. When your target audience knows what to expect, they are more likely to subscribe. 

Corporate Social Responsibility 

In corporate social responsibility, the three Ps are the most important: people, planet and profit. This means that an organization must be good to its people, to the planet, and that it (also) uses the profit for their people and the planet. When those three are in balance, an organization is a socially responsible business. 

If you host your webinars through WebinarGeek, then you can be sure that these values are being upheld. Make your organization greener too and give webinars more often! 

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