Accelerated customer acquisition with webinars

Autorespond uses webinars to demonstrate their software to new customers and help them quickly receive product value.

Using webinars to inspire and inform customers about the possibilities of Autorespond, allowed them to become more successful with their email campaigns.

What is Autorespond and what do you do?

We are a company that sends newsletters for small entrepreneurs. We also provide a shopping cart for them, so they can sell their products and services online.

Why did you choose WebinarGeek?

We needed a system where you can share a screen, to demonstrate the value of our product. That is possible with WebinarGeek.

We think it is also very important that there is an integration with our own system Autorespond. And there is!

What are the benefits of WebinarGeek?

It is easy for people to register and they don’t have to install anything to watch. There's also no limit to how many webinars you can host!

Take a look at the possibilities of Autorespond.

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