During the online software demo’s Autorespond helps new customers to quickly become successful with their marketing tools.

By using webinars to give explanations to new and existing customers about the possibilities of Autorespond, our customers became more successful with their email campagnes.

Interview with Welmoet Babeliowsky, directeur Autorespond Online Marketing Tools Tools

What is Autorespond and what do you do?

We are a company that sends newsletters for small entrepreneurs like; trainers, coaches and advisors.

And we provide a shopping cart for them, so they can sell their products and services online. Mainly for the facturation.

Why did you start with webinars?

We started to work with webinars because we were looking for a way to inform our customers correctly.

And here I mean new customers that do not know our system, but who we would like to show everything that is possible with it and how it works. What the functionalities are and to reach new goals.

But we would like to inform existing customers as well and show them all the possibilities and how to use the system to grow their business.

What does webinar software have to meet?

All those tips we would like to provide and for that we need a system where you can share a screen. So you can show the application itself. That is possible with WebinarGeek.

We think it is also very important that there is an integration with our own system Autorespond. And there is! We created it in the early stages.

What does the integration do between Autorespond and WebinarGeek?

So people that register for a webinar will be automatically visible in Autorespond. It is an integration which is handy to setup emails and put people in groups.

You can find all people that participated during the webinar in the Autorespond system. That way you can send emails to specific groups. All possibilities of automation.

Why did you choose for WebinarGeek?

We chose to use WebinarGeek, because it is a local system. And we would like to work with other local companies, because we are. That I think is the best, hiring local companies.

What are the benefits of WebinarGeek?

It has to be possible to register in an easy way for the people who would like to participate. They don’t have to install anything on the website, they can register right away.

And it’s not limited in the number of participants, the group can be bigger than a hundred or more. I don’t even know what the maximum is. These things we were really important.

What are the future possibilities for the integration between Autorespond and WebinarGeek?

The possibilities in the future for the integration between Autorespond and WebinarGeek. To get more information from WebinarGeek about how the webinar went and who participated. Who have watched to the very end. That kind of information will be included in the integration. So then it’s possible to target the emails even better.

What is the next step you will take with webinars?

Well of course it is a big wish that there will be more functionalities in webinars. So that there will be more possibilities.

Especially the possibility that participants can talk themselves. It is possible now for the one that organizes the webinar to talk and it’s possible to interact via chat.

But it’s more fun of course, because you can use webinars even better for real training situations. Because people can really ask a question. That has benefits instead of writing it all down.

That might be big wishes, but I have understood it will happen.

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