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International technology giant, Baumer Group, reveals why WebinarGeek is their platform of choice and more in this insightful Q&A.

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What services or products does the Baumer Group offer?

The Baumer Group is one of the world's leading, innovative specialists for high-performance sensors and sensor systems in industrial automation. Customers all over the world trust in the high precision and reliability of our sensor solutions. We are an internationally active family-owned company with Swiss roots, with around 2,900 employees, 39 of our own development centers, production plants, and sales offices in 19 countries. This way, we are always close to our customers.

What are the main goals of your webinars?

As a leader in technology, we want to share our knowledge with our customers and prospects. Webinars are a great way to introduce the use and benefits of our solutions to an audience and show them how we can support them with our broad product portfolio. We can go more in-depth on individual aspects and questions from the field in webinars, providing added value to viewers. 

We started to implement webinars during the pandemic when physical contact with our customers and participation in trade shows was not possible. However, we wanted to share relevant insights with our customers and continue to partner with them.

With webinars, we had the chance to create proximity to our customers in a virtual way and to remain present even without trade show appearances.

Even after the pandemic, this form of communication has remained with us. By using webinars, which we create in different languages, we have the opportunity to reach our customers worldwide, regardless of location thus achieving a wide reach. By offering webinars on demand on our website after the live event, we achieve a sustainable and longer-term effect.

What interactive features would you like to offer your audience?

Despite the virtual setting, we want to create a personal exchange with the customers. For this reason, we use different features in our webinars to be in contact with the viewers. Through the chat function, for example, we want to offer the opportunity to share questions and comments with us at any time and to receive direct feedback from us. In doing so, we use both private and public chat, so viewers have the choice of how they want to interact with us. 

We also like to integrate polls into our webinars.

On the one hand, this allows us to lighten up the presentation a bit, and on the other hand, we can learn more about the participants so that we can ultimately address their interests in a more targeted manner.

Furthermore, we have the call-to-action feature in use, which leads to the contact form on our website. In this way, participants have the option to quickly and easily send us a more targeted or specific inquiry at any time during a webinar. It also is a way to stay in touch with participants after the webinar.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to start hosting webinars?

It should be defined in advance what specifically is to be achieved with webinars. Then the processes and equipment for creating webinars should be defined. After this, it's a matter of implementing and testing.

The statistics of the webinars show very well which webinar format works and how interested the audience is.

Based on this, the implementation of webinars can be continuously optimized. 

Are there specific reasons why you chose WebinarGeek for your virtual events?

We compared different tools in terms of various criteria, and in the end, we chose WebinarGeek. What strikes us very positively is that the tool and its functions are continuously developed and optimized. A lot of value is placed on customer feedback. We always have the possibility to forward our suggestions for improvement to our contact person and know that this will also be processed accordingly.

WebinarGeek has a very good support function, so in addition to a personal contact person, the chat is also available to us for quick questions.

What features do you value the most? 

The dry run feature is a great way to get to know the live environment of the tool and become familiar with the features as a presenter. A live webinar can be replicated 1:1. This gives presenters more confidence, especially when hosting a webinar for the first time with WebinarGeek.

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