From ideation to a webinar with 1000+ viewers

Discover how the creative agency, Carola Beleeft, successfully adopted webinars to deliver online training to their target audience.

Agency founders Carola and Torben reveal their webinar goals, how they’ve reached them and their future plans.

Why webinars? 

For Carola Beleeft, the main objective in adopting webinars was to scale their design training to accommodate a diverse audience. 

Their intensive training educates creative professionals on establishing their own personal brand with readily available tools.

Reaching a large audience all at once

Carola and her partner decided in 2019 to work from home and use webinars to reach a broader audience. This turned out to be a successful move, partly due to their ability to visually present their message through social media. Webinars also work much more smoothly than physical events.

We wanted to reach a big group. We could choose to organize events, but webinars are much easier. - Torben, partner at Carola Beleeft.

They also discovered that online sales are highly effective in generating interest and engagement from their audience. It is amazing to visually showcase their message directly to the viewers. They even conduct sales during the webinar, and it works really well!

The ultimate goal of Carola and her partner is to maintain a continuous flow of enthusiastic attendees for their three-day workshops. These workshops offer a unique opportunity to engage creatively with the audience and share passions.

The three-day workshop is incredibly enjoyable. There are often more than 1000 attendees, and everyone is enthusiastic. - Torben, partner at Carola Beleeft.

However, as with any business, challenges arise. One of the biggest challenges for Carola and her partner is ensuring a stable internet connection when they stream webinars from abroad.

They chose a reliable internet provider, which gives them the flexibility to continue their work even during moments of technical setbacks.

User-friendly and flexible

Carola and her partner were pleasantly surprised by the usability of WebinarGeek. The support is always ready and the flexibility of the plan also allows them to upgrade whenever needed.

The call-to-action is one of Carola's favorite features.

Once I've talked about the branding and design school, I can immediately show the button to direct viewers to the right page to sign up. - Carola, CEO of Carola Beleeft.

Automated webinars are also a game-changer. The webinars always proceed, even when they're not live.

Continuing with what works

Carola Beleeft’s future plans are simple: to continue growing their webinars as they’ve proven to be highly effective. They'll continue supporting their clients and ensuring that their 3-day workshops remain filled with creative energy.

For anyone inspired to start their own creative workshops, Carola's partner has a valuable tip: set a date and go for it! A fixed date is a great motivation to get started.

Once the date is set, you have to follow through. It's a good kick in the pants. - Carola, CEO of Carola Beleeft.

Lastly, if you ever get the chance to participate in one of Carola's creative workshops, go for it and let yourself be inspired!

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