We can’t ignore it anymore: law firms are increasingly successful thanks to webinars. We sat down with Dirkzwager. Time for a peek behind the scenes at a law firm that hosts webinars. 

Dirkzwager has in-house tax specialists and lawyers, gathered in multidisciplinary teams. They solve issues for SMEs and multinationals. With 380 employees, it is certainly not a small player - Dirkzwager is among the top 15 largest law firms in the Netherlands. 

One of Dirkzwager's pillars is to share knowledge. They are well-known for this. The organization continues to innovate and develop. No wonder webinars contribute to this. 

Faziel is a marketing specialist at Dirkzwager. He is mainly concerned with the findability of the online platform and its further development. 

Brigitte is responsible for Dirkzwager's physical and online knowledge events. 

Making knowledge accessible

Dirkzwager uses webinars to share knowledge in an approachable way, for clients or potential clients. It is an approach that works well to interact with the target group. 

Webinars work very well for this. Faziel: ,,We create different forms of content, such as knowledge articles and blog articles, podcasts, and of course, webinars.''

With webinars, we approach target audience engagement in a different way. We get very positive insights through them.'' 

Dirkzwager began using webinars during the pandemic. ''We wanted to continue to share our knowledge in a way during the pandemic when the world was put on hold,'' says Brigitte. ,,Therefore, we switched to webinars.'' 

So webinars are used primarily to share knowledge with business associates and clients. The management and board certainly see the value of webinars as well. Brigitte: ''That's why the department has also moved internally, we could have been disbanded, but will definitely continue with webinars.''

It worked out well for the law firm because they moved quickly during the pandemic to stay in touch with clients. It kept and keeps the firm in the spotlight.  

From local to national reach thanks to webinars

The results they got from webinars? First, the reach. ''The reach has really grown. The target audience now comes from all over the country. With physical events, they mostly came from local places. Because of the webinars, it has become national,'' Faziel explains. 

Brigitte also names the growth of the reach as the most important result:

We have viewers from Groningen to Maastricht and from Den Helder to Zeeland, they now know how to find us thanks to the webinars!'' 

The most successful webinar 

Of course, we were curious about which webinar was the most successful. Both Faziel and Brigitte radiated with passion. Faziel points out:

Our most successful webinar was the first webinar we hosted.''

,,That was mainly because you look for the tool that works best, get all the flaws out before the start and then you see it: wow, this works well! That was a really great webinar.''

Brigitte could be brief; for her, it was mainly the large number of viewers that were impressive. She remembers it well: ''Our most successful webinar was a current affairs webinar about one of our areas of law, for which we had the most viewers so far.'' 

Webinars belong in the world of events  

Dirkzwager's future plans are, without a doubt, to continue with webinars. According to both Brigitte and Faziel, webinars belong in the world of events! He explains: ,,We certainly noticed during the pandemic that it works very well, and because of the data we are getting in we really see it as a resource so it is definitely here to stay.'' 

Affordable, reliable, and accessible

And then the key question was asked: why WebinarGeek? Brigitte looked primarily at the type of company when choosing. She likes the fact that WebinarGeek is Dutch and that the chat support always replies very fast. 

Faziel seemed a little more critical: ,,I am critical in what tool we use so I compared several tools with each other. WebinarGeek came out on top.

I always look at the ARAs: affordability, reliability, and accessibility. With WebinarGeek, all three were good.''

,,Also the usability and the interface, integrations it supports and interactions are really a plus,'’

Data collection and audience interaction

When you host a webinar, your audience isn't visible. Yet Brigitte named interaction with viewers as one of the best things about hosting a webinar. She says: ,,What I personally really like is asking poll questions in a webinar.

You do have that interaction with the viewers while you don't actually see them, which is the opposite of physical events. The interaction is a lot of fun.'' 

According to Faziel, besides being a lot of fun, the interaction with the target audience is fascinating. For him, the future of webinars really lies with data. ''I think WebinarGeek is very strong in that. You can find out a lot about the target audience after hosting a webinar.''

During webinars, Dirkzwager uses a lot of polls, shows (pre-loaded) videos, and uses private chat. The webinars look professional and afterward they have gathered a lot of new insights about the target audience. The quiz with the assessment tool is also a frequently used feature; this way, they see immediately how the knowledge has been transferred. 

It is great to see that full use is being made of all the features WebinarGeek offers. For example, Faziel explains that the sales page is also a real addition to the webinars: ''You can also show an evaluation form on it and receive feedback from viewers.''

Just go and do it

When the organization was just starting with webinars, choosing the right software was one of the biggest challenges. Faziel: ,,Next was the process of delivering a webinar and integrating it within our organization. What do you take into account? There is quite a bit involved in integrating work processes into the organization. But this is now well integrated and it runs like clockwork!’’

After words like that, Dirkzwager must have some golden tips. And they did. Faziel’s most important tip was to think carefully about what you want to achieve with a webinar. Think about your setup, what do you need? Do you have the tools for it? Once you have that in place, choose the right software. According to him, then you should be just fine!

Brigitte gave a motivating answer:

My best tip is to just go and do it. It's really worth it!''

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