Eerstelijns Centrum Tiel ECT

You can easily reach your colleagues via webinars. It is a unique and accessible way to transfer knowledge.

What is Eerstelijns Centrum Tiel (ECT) and what do you do?

The Eerstelijns Centrum Tiel (Primary Care Center) is a collaboration of general practitioners, but also other primary care disciplines. A total of about 200 people work there. They also work with quite a few GP’s.

Marc Huls is a general practitioner and practice owner at Eerstelijns Centrum Tiel. He is also a general practitioner for diabetes. This means he is specialized in all kinds of diabetes issues.

Why did you start with webinars?

We actually ran into it during the Corona crisis. We previously provided our refresher courses in-house. We have a nice room for that. This was suddenly no longer possible and there was a strong need for training on how to handle the Corona situation.

How do we ensure we maintain our care sufficiently?

The problem was the provision of practical training in recognizable circumstances. The biggest question was: "What should we do with our chronic patients?". Including diabetes, asthma, and COPD patients. How do we ensure we maintain that care sufficiently? Without putting them at risk by having them come here. National guidelines were then set up, on which we provide training.

Why did you choose WebinarGeek?

In the field of general practitioners, the technical level is not always that high when it comes to these kinds of new gadgets. We are quite a bit more of the physical gatherings. That is why I was really looking for something that is simple for everyone. Even those who normally have difficulty with technological innovations find WebinarGeek easy to use.

It fits well with our innovation story.

We have noticed the role webinars can play in an accessible knowledge transfer, which fits well with our innovation story and will certainly continue after the Corona crisis.

What is your favorite WebinarGeek feature?

The poll is particularly important. This provides more connections between your colleagues (the viewers of the webinar). You keep them on track and increase interaction. A poll really invites people to actively participate.

What is your most important tip for anyone who wants to start hosting webinars?

In our mind, a webinar was really something for the pros. You didn't start that as a small center. Nothing less is true! It is very easy to do. The app guides you through it step by step. Just do it! I would say.

In addition, it is imperative the presenter uses a good wired connection. Which is unnecessary for the viewers.