An online pub quiz, set up by Richard from for a few people, has now turned into a phenomenon with 500+ live viewers.

What is and what do you do? is a Dutch company that sells group games online. You can think of pub quizzes, murder games, and much more! Richard Schreurs is the owner of together with his wife Marjolein. They run the company together for 5 years now.

Why did you start with webinars?

At the moment we live in a changing world because of the coronavirus. It is not possible to meet everyone in person. That is why we had to think of a different plan for our group games. In the end, we decided to organize an online pub quiz, and it turned out to be a huge success.

Why did you choose WebinarGeek?

WebinarGeek had a clear story of what they could do for us on their website. We could choose out of different kinds of plans. That was certainly interesting because of the way our online pub quiz developed and grew. It was very clear to see the cost per plan with the number of viewers you can have in that plan. The price was also very attractive.

The last reason we chose WebinarGeek is that it is a Dutch company. We are also a Dutch company. Likewise, it is nice to get support in Dutch. If it was only in English, it would be not a problem.

But this makes it even more user-friendly for us.

What is your favorite WebinarGeek feature?

I am very pleased with the statistics. Because we are a company that works online most of the time, it is nice to see all the statistics after the webinar has ended.

But I also like that people who register for a webinar don’t need to download programs or software to watch the webinar. Because many people drop out if they have to download something first.

What is your most important tip for anyone who wants to start hosting webinars?

If you want to use music during your webinar, use the video injection. In the beginning, we were not yet familiar with this feature. So we tried to process the music in a PowerPoint presentation and then use the screen share option. But then you have a problem because the sound goes all around your room and the viewers do not hear it well. My tip is: if you want to show a sound clip, make a small video, and upload the URL in WebinarGeek. That is going to help you play clear music during your webinar!

It’s easy to start your own online quiz and best of all, it doesn't require any downloads. That said, if you want to reach Europe like Richard and Marjolein at, we have some ultra-affordable plans available to help you do just that. Start your free trial today!

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