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With webinars it’s possible to quickly respond to current events and inform customers on short term.

It is a challenge to get relevant information quickly to the customer. Webinars make sure this goes even faster. Houtsma even succeeded to create a successful earning system for their webinars.

Peter Houtstma from Houtsma Bedrijfsadvies
Erwin Houtstma from Houtsma Bedrijfsadvies

Interview with Peter Houtsma and Erwin Houtsma from Houtsma Bedrijfsadvies.

What does Houtsma Bedrijfsadvies do?

At first we started as an office which supports accountancy agencies. It developed almost into a full service concept where we provide a lot of information and all expressions accountancy agencies make to their customers.

How do you inform these accountancy agencies?

We do this through newsletters, and in courses as well.

We would like to send as much information as possible to these agencies, but also to the advisors from agricultural companies that go to farmers.

Why is it important to this quickly?

They need to know in advance what is going to be changed and which steps need to be taken to prepare.

What do you like most about webinars?

You can decide today to host a webinar tonight!

Maybe very quick, but it is possible. So if it’s very important you can email know and appear in front of the camera in five minutes.

You can decide today to host a webinar tonight.

How do webinars help to reach the goals you have set as a company?

In a physical course you can go maybe deeper in to the content and really dive in. With a webinar I focus more on how you provide content in daily practice.

And that appealed to me. How you can bring information quickly to your customers and in to the market.

What is the magic of a webinar?

How do you engage people? That you reach them, that they get what they need to do and to get the story across. And I find this the perfect product to do so!

How did your webinars evolve?

Currently we sit in our studio as a live ‘Do it yourself’ webinar studio. In this studio we record courses and live webinars as well.

The webinars developed quite organically. We started with a simple webcam and a powerpoint slideshow.

Houtsma bedrijfsadvies showing old webinar set-up

And when we progressed we fine tuned things a bit. A better camera for instance to make it look a little better.

A custom solution for the registration process

The registration process for our webinars goes fully through our own platform.

People call us or email us, with “hey, I would like to see that specific webinar or i would like to have a subscription for all twelve”.

The registration process for our webinars goes fully through our own platform.

What is the HBA Academy?

The HBA academy is actually an extra way to get the information as easy as possible to the customer. Because that is what it is about right?!

The HBA academy has two sections; courses you can get on demand. And live webinars, those are organized every first tuesday of the month at 12.

What are your next steps according to webinar marketing?

I think we will expand further and widen the subjects we discuss.

We organise now and then an open webinar where everyone can register to to show them what is going on.

How they respond, what they can do with it and to provide them with the possibility to join for the monthly webinar. Then they get up to speed every month; this is going on, you have to think about this and here you can go.

What is the most important lesson to start with webinars?

Just do it! The most important lesson to start with webinars is to just do it.

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