A community for collective healing practices

At WebinarGeek, we strive to help businesses from all around the world reach their audience. And the same goes for Intuitive Force. We sat down for an interview with Marie to ask her about what webinars mean for her business.

Webinars for a good cause

Marie Griffin is a Salesforce administrator by day, but her passion and purpose lie with Intuitive Force.

Marie: I’m here to provide these tips, tools, and knowledge for other people with chronic illness to enable them to lead their best lives.

Intuitive Force was originally a Salesforce consulting company. Marie was trying to do this on the side, but now totally switched directions. She successfully created a healing community where people come together and exchange knowledge. And that is exactly what she uses WebinarGeek for! 

The goal of the webinar is primarily to help other people heal. Marie talks about the Healing Trinity, which has physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual sides, and how she believes they all need to be balanced and aligned to be healthy. She shares all useful tips for everyone who needs them to start their own healing journey. Intuitive Force hosts webinars for a good cause. 

Building a community

When Marie hosted her most successful webinar and asked her audience to pay for it, it was only to be able to support herself so she could keep doing what she loved to do: helping people heal. Marie: ‘’I just had my first paid webinar and I was super excited about that.’’ Intuitive Force is all about building a community. 

The webinars of Intuitive Force are far from boring! The webinars are very interactive. Marie’s favorite feature is the poll. She loves them because it makes the webinar collaborative and informative. Besides the polls, the privacy settings are exactly what she needs. Marie: ‘’A lot of people in my webinars have chronic conditions. They don't want their faces or names shown, so I really like that option. I use the private chat.’’

As questions come in, Marie communicates them with her audience. They don’t need to share any personal information. The video injections are also a feature Marie uses quite often. What she loves about them is that she can take a break from all the talking and share a video of individuals expressing their ideas firsthand.

So you guys have some great features!

Practicing and improving

When we asked Marie in the interview about her future plans and goals, Marie explained that she tries to host a webinar every month. ‘’I've noticed with being an entrepreneur, you really need to be consistent and disciplined and committed.’’, Marie explains. Basically, every time Marie hosts a webinar she makes adjustments to test what worked and what didn’t. 

Intuitive Force really holds on to the monthly webinars and continues to figure out how to monetize them. Marie provides flexible options, such as sending the replay to someone who can't afford to attend live.

When we asked about what she does to prepare for the webinar and which features she mainly uses in the preparation, Marie explained that she likes to run a test webinar beforehand to practice and preview her content. Reminder emails are also a feature she uses all the time. 

The registration process goes via the website of Intuitive Force. The webinars are sold on their website. Beforehand, Marie always checks if everything works by registering herself for her own webinars. 

Encouraging small businesses

In her job as a Salesforce administrator for a pretty large tech company, Marie became familiar with hosting webinars and found it enjoyable. However, there was one reason in particular why Marie chose WebinarGeek to host her webinars.

[Other platforms] weren't very encouraging or supportive of small businesses. So, I really like how you guys made me feel like I was worthwhile and support small business.

Marie also attended one of our live Q&A webinars, which she really liked. ‘’You can ask questions and you guys were super, it was super informative. A good tool.’’

For everyone who is starting out hosting webinars, she recommended practicing A LOT! ‘’Nothing is ever going to be perfect’’, she explains, ‘’You’ve got to start somewhere. Don't wait, don't put it off. Just jump in and do it.’’

Although Marie is a very technical person rather than marketing-oriented, she loves collaborating and connecting with people. And that is exactly what she does with her webinars. 

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