The KNVB keeps board members of associations involved by helping them to inform their members through webinars.

This customer success story discusses both sides of the KNVB webinars, webinars with the union, and paid webinars:

  • Video with Lonneke Scheepmakers about the use of webinars within the union

  • Podcast with Tim Lubout about paid webinars

What does the corporate communications department of the KNVB do?

Together with 4 colleagues, we are working on the positioning of the KNVB brand. We are responsible for all internal communication and we offer colleagues support in communication with our following. These are volunteers at amateur associations.

Why do you host webinars?

Webinars allow us to keep people informed and engaged. The lockdown left associations in the dark. Our goal is to keep board members of associations involved in how they can inform their members and supporters. Webinars make that possible. In a short time, you can reach many people at the same time.

What do you want to achieve with webinars?

We work a lot with volunteers at amateur associations. Think of club directors, match secretaries, referees, and trainers. Our job is to inform them of how certain things work. How can you continue to work together? What are the experiences of others?

Of course, we also want to maintain the connection with KNVB, by helping and supporting them. Webinars make it possible to stay in touch with them.

Why did you choose WebinarGeek?

We have a good AV staff that has control over a complete studio with cameras and lighting. But we're missing the products that the WebinarGeek software offers. The software in combination with our studio setup allows us to deliver great webinar productions from A to Z.

What was your most successful webinar?

Our most successful webinar is the webinar about rules for the new season for the referees. The target audience was very involved with the webinar. With WebinarGeek we were able to show and discuss game situations directly.

To this day the webinar is still being watched often because referees use it to update their knowledge. It has become a sustainable webinar.

As the webinar is still being watched, it has become a sustainable webinar.

What is your favorite WebinarGeek feature?

It's great that you can edit certain things yourself, such as the registration page and reminder emails. The chat is also very valuable during the live webinars. It is nice that people can ask their questions directly. This way you immediately know what is going on with your viewers. We stay in direct contact with our supporters and we provide them with the best service.

What is your most important tip for someone who wants to start hosting webinars?

Just go and do it. WebinarGeek is easy to use. If you can't figure it out yourself, you will find the answer in the support chat on the site. Start small and see how it goes, then work your way up to a concept for your organization and the people you want to reach.

KNVB is well known for its paid webinars. These are used within the KNVB to establish a connection with the supporters.

Why do you host paid webinars?

KNVB is a sports association. We have the obligation to offer training courses to trainers. KNVB is not a commercial organization, but we cannot do what we do for nothing. Training is part of the KNVB academy with an education that involves many costs. By introducing paid webinars, we got ourselves a payback model. 

We see that people are willing to pay for this and hear rarely hear that people are unwilling to pay for knowledge. 

We want to get much closer to our supporters. That is incredibly important. With webinars, we can explain why trainers need to keep educating themselves. KNVB also had a difficult year, empty stadiums due to corona. Through paid webinars, we can reinvest in the trainer and coach profession. 

Why did you choose WebinarGeek?

I was looking for an application that was easy to use in setting up webinars. It appealed to me that the viewer sees a professional-looking screen while the backside of the app is so easy to set up.

What has been the most successful webinar to date?

Success for me has the highest impact. With the evaluation feature, we can measure success concretely. The webinar from November 16 about the growth mindset was very successful. The number of paying participants was at our upper limit, and the rating was 8.1, which is very high in our market. Ultimately, it's about how we got across the stage with how the story was told. In the end, the drop-out rate at this webinar was also very low.

What is your favorite WebinarGeek feature?

The video injection. We use them the most. You can reinforce your story and add focus. The resolution is perfect because you use Youtube for the injection. 

What is your tip for someone who wants to start hosting paid webinars?

Know what your audience wants and if they are willing to pay for your webinar. We have done extensive research on this. That willingness was there. You will reap the benefits of this. There is one key to success; test, test, and test! Know which buttons are for what. Testing is really the keyword for successfully paid webinars as people have paid money to watch your webinar.

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