Webinars make it easy to share knowledge with customers in an accessible way.

Last week, it was finally there. The winner of the customer survey 2019 came by to cash her price. A studio session at WebinarGeek. During this studio session, Amanda from recorded her webinar in our professional studio.

It was an exciting moment for Amanda but she created a great webinar, with the help of the WebinarGeek team.

Who is

We make websites and webshops, mainly for the small self-employed and medium-sized companies. A few years ago I started to specialize in SEO optimization for companies.

Visit the website of for more information.

What do you want to achieve with webinars?

We notice that people want more in-depth explanations on topics such as SEO optimization so that they can get to work on it themselves. That is why I chose to communicate with them via webinars.

Using webinars just makes it easier for me to reach people I would like to learn about SEO. And with that, I can offer the story in an easy and accessible way. That way I don't have to have one-on-one conversations with everyone. But I can say, I do it when I want or people can watch whenever they want.

Why did you choose WebinarGeek?

I have compared a number of tools. I found WebinarGeek to stand out because it is a Dutch company.

I really liked that I can just ask for support in Dutch.

I found the explanation on the website very nice. I find the tool very clear and very pleasant to work with. The references were also good. I had already heard from a number of people that it is a very reliable software and that ultimately made the difference to go for WebinarGeek.

And not to mention that I think the prices are very decent.

How did giving a webinar go?

Very well, it was very exciting when I started. Then I thought, what can I expect and how will everything go?

But in the end, I thought it was very nice to have the professional help here. They thought along with me and in the end, the story went very smoothly so that was nice too. I thought it was a very positive experience.

What is your most important tip for anyone who wants to start giving webinars?

Just do it! You want it to be perfect while you just have to start with the basics. Then you know what's not quite right yet.

For example, start with free webinars, so people don't expect too much. And in the process, you will learn.

Don't think I can't do it.

Often you can do it well and ultimately you are the expert in the area you want to talk about and you can have a little faith in yourself.

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