Higher sales and personal contact with potential customers

Mario Burgard explains why webinars are a crucial tool for communicating with customers. He also reveals how his webinars have helped him increase his lead-to-customer conversion rate.

Tell us a little about your company and your role, what does your work look like?

I'm Mario Burgard, a sales copywriter and marketing expert specialized in online marketing since 2010. Our company, Burgard Direct Response, provides agency services and creates marketing concepts for software companies and publishers. My role is to design communications with clients and handle technical aspects of Internet marketing. We also train aspiring sales copywriters.

What are the main goals of your webinars? 

Our main purpose is to attract new customers and promote sales with our webinars. We emphasize high-quality content and aim to provide tangible value to attendees. Our priority is to increase sales and establish personal contact with potential customers.

What was your most successful webinar? Did it achieve any specific goals or desired outcomes?

Our most successful webinar was a special ad-copy strategy combined with AI. It achieved a conversion rate of over 17%, which is exceptionally strong. Usually, we are already satisfied with 10-12%. With this webinar, we were able to exceed our goals and generate significant sales.

What interactive features would you like to offer your audience? For example, a live public or private chat, polls, or other interaction.

We primarily use polls at the beginning of the webinars to learn who I am targeting with the webinar. This allows us to address the needs of the participants individually and present targeted content. 

The call-to-action is hugely important, as we also want to sell through the webinars. - Mario Burgard.

This is greatly solved at WebinarGeek, because the call-to-action appears under the video and you can refer to it. 

And what is also very good is that I can post the link again in the chat and it is clickable. This makes it easy for every participant to find their way around. Those who don't see the call-to-action under the video, because they are looking more at the chat, then have another opportunity to find the link there. 

What are your future plans for your webinars? What features are you most focused on?

I have done a few live webinars in the last 2-3 years. We have automated a lot, but my goal is to do more live webinars. 

Our masterclass on AI was a live webinar and this was extremely successful. By doing more live webinars, we then also want to use the interactive elements even more.  

Another thing that is particularly important to me is the ability at WebinarGeek to automatically copy over email campaigns from a previous webinar to another webinar. This saves a lot of work when creating them. 

Are there any particular reasons why you chose WebinarGeek for your virtual events?

We have been hosting webinars since 2014 and first worked with another provider where we often had problems with unstable streams. I then started looking for an alternative.

WebinarGeek appealed to me because it is a European solution and I also really liked the communication on your website. This led me to just give WebinarGeek a try. 

All the years I've been working with WebinarGeek now, I haven't had a single problem with an unstable stream and that's why I'm still with WebinarGeek. 

WebinarGeek is stable and that makes it stand out from other providers. - Mario Burgard.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to start hosting webinars?

Yes, for sure. There are two directions. Either I do automated webinars or I go live. 

My experience with live webinars is that frontal sustained lecturing is not so favorable. I advise to always include interactions with the participants. It is a good idea to conduct polls during the webinar in addition to at the beginning, there should be interaction with the audience in every webinar section. Chat should also be included. It is also advisable to summarize content again and again, to mention the key facts or to ask the participants what they could take away for themselves in terms of content so far. 

Is there anything else you would like to share with the audience today? 

Yes, webinars are something that will always endure. The way to connect and interact with people will never become obsolete. 

Webinars are great for anyone who is in contact with customers or provides services that require a lot of consultation. 

Here is also the advantage of automating content that is repetitive. You can record the repetitive part and deliver it to the solution. 

Webinars are an important and crucial tool for me to communicate with my customers and I can recommend it to everyone who is in customer contact. 

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