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Discover why WebinarGeek is Montae & Partners webinar tool of choice.

The consultancy Montae & Partners use webinars to convey knowledge to their clients in an accessible way. 

Why did you choose WebinarGeek?

WebinarGeek is well-regarded with great reviews. Many large companies use the software as well. The choice to use WebinarGeek has proven to be very valuable! 

What is your favorite WebinarGeek feature?

The polls are a fun way to find out exactly what the viewer thinks. This gives you more interaction with viewers. Even when they can't speak into a microphone or turn on the camera. 

What do you want to achieve with WebinarGeek?

The success of webinar hosting has cemented WebinarGeek into marketing strategies at Montae & Partners. They started hosting in 2020 and their webinars have increased considerably ever since. Their marketing team has mastered a convenient way to broadcast professionally and deliver value to their clients. Moving forward, they are continuing to scale the amount of webinars they host and use them as a lead magnate to attract registrations from LinkedIn. With WebinarGeek this is especially easy as there's no limit to how many webinars you can host!

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