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As a diverse AV company, MWEE is a well-known and reliable partner of the government. Discover why they use WebinarGeek!

Tell us a little about your company and your role, what does your work look like?

My name is Jolein Foks and I am the Event Stylist at MWEE, a company in image, light and sound. During the pandemic we began hosting webinars. We previously produced a lot of in-person events for the government. These were then moved to online events. The pandemic was basically the switch from in-person to online.

Why do you use webinars in your offerings to clients?

The government is not allowed to come together with a lot of people. That's why webinars were a godsend. Webinars are great in reaching the largest possible audience! The government has over 10-20 events a day. We work closely with the RVO (National Service for Entrepreneurs). 

How do you host your webinars?

We use webinars very widely: completely online but also in productions in the studio. We host webinars live at any location. We build a studio and connect WebinarGeek for the software. In these studios we use remote cameras, so that only the speakers are visible in the studio. We already had the equipment from our live events, so we could use that again.

Why did you choose WebinarGeek?

WebinarGeek provides a stable platform with good quality. We want to give that to our customers. No other platform does that like WebinarGeek. You can very well set up everything according to the wishes of the customer. The statistics are very nice because that gives the client the total package. The connection between our own equipment and WebinarGeek's software is great. This reinforces each other. 

What has been your most successful webinar?

That's difficult to answer, because every webinar is a success when it is completed. In the past year we have done more than 300 webinars. We did one between Christmas and New Years where a company's management would hand out prizes to employees at home. That was fun!

What is your prefered WebinarGeek feature?

The statistics. Who has watched, for how long, what did they vote, what question did they ask? If 400 people watch your 1.5 hour webinar, it is very nice that you can export these stats. Then send it to the customer who can turn it into a Q&A. Very valuable. 

What is your most important tip for someone who wants to get started with webinars?

Prepare yourself well. What is the message you want to convey? Keep your message short. Know what you have to say. Also pay attention to your background. If necessary, have someone interview you so that your story comes across more easily.  

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