Using webinars as a core element in marketing strategies

Anneke van der Voort from PRminded has been hosting webinars for years to help entrepreneurs attract more clients via LinkedIn. Discover her strategy and why WebinarGeek is her tool of choice!

The full attention of your prospect

Anneke has been hosting broadcasts for five years and finds the ability to fully capture and engage leads as a significant benefit of webinars.

It's not a moment of brief attention like a short 1-2-minute video. They listen to you for an hour.''

''You can really add depth to your story, bring them into your thinking and provide value in a webinar. For me, it has proven to be very rewarding,'' Anneke explains. 

Using webinars to plant a seed

For Anneke, webinars are a great way to connect with potential clients. She also uses it to build awareness and as a way to plant seeds. She explains how: ''It's a tool that brings in clients in the short term but also seeds for the long term.'' 

Having done this very consistently for five years in a row, she finds that people who watched a webinar two years ago end up becoming clients. Thus proving once again: patience pays off! 

The best customer support 

"WebinarGeek has the best customer support I can imagine. I have tested several tools and each time WebinarGeek has proven to be very helpful and there are lots of features that help make your webinars better,'' Anneke says. 

Interacting with viewers 

Anneke's most preferred features that she makes sure to implement during all her webinars are interactions. Anything to engage the audience. What she likes about polls in particular is that they involve all viewers at the same time. An easy but powerful way to create interaction.

Webinars as a strategy 

Someone who is so familiar with hosting webinars must have some good tips. So when we asked about hers we got a great one: ''The most important tip I want to pass along is: think of your webinar as part of your strategy and not as a one-time activity. Start scheduling it consistently in your marketing strategy, then it will pay off a lot in the short and long term.''

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