ROC Amsterdam-Flevoland

Webinars are helping education institutions, like ROC van Amsterdam - Flevoland, provide study choice information.

Not only lessons are streamed online, but also study information is provided via webinars in the year 2020. ROC van Amsterdam - Flevoland has set up the study selection process online.

Why did you start with webinars?

In March, ROC van Amsterdam - Flevoland was forced to work online. They needed a tool in which the deans could inform their students online. After research, they found out that webinars were the best option for sharing information online. We talked with Wikash Chaitram, manager of education and information at the ROC van Amsterdam to learn more about their choice and experiences with webinars.

What do you want to achieve with webinars?

Previously, the goal was to provide the students with information so that they can make the right choice of study. This was done in person and at different locations. This information is now available online. Through webinars, students and parents are informed about the process of choosing a study. Webinars enable ROC van Amsterdam - Flevoland to still be the best study choice advisor, but then online.

Why did you choose WebinarGeek?

Measuring how the institutions are doing and finding out exactly what the client needs, is extremely valuable data for ROC van Amsterdam - Flevoland. WebinarGeek easily provides that data for them. But it also had to be an easy program. WebinarGeek's method was easy enough to explain so other instructors could quickly start recording their own webinars.

What is your favorite WebinarGeek feature?

The statistics that tell us who watched, how long they watched, and how they engaged with the webinar are incredibly valuable information. It is also very easy to link teachers as moderators, so they can help the participants through the chat.

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