Sharing information in a personal way

What if a webinar could help you prepare for parenthood? Nathalie from The Little Leopard was seeking support when she became a mother for the first time. Today, she hosts webinars for a global audience.

Anyone expecting their first child has undoubtedly looked up some information online, as did Nathalie. When she became a mother for the first time, she was overwhelmed by the amount of information available. That's how the idea of hosting webinars to provide an onboarding for new parents, was born.

Sharing information in a personal way

Nathalie's webinars are accessible to anyone fluent in English. Especially for those who lack familial support, the webinars are very helpful to get tips in a personal way. Search engines are not the best option here!

The main purpose of the webinars is to share information. With webinars, this can be done in a personal way. Everyone has their own opinions about birth and nurturing children, Nathalie finds. With webinars, she can make the onboarding interactive, which helps build trust with potential clients and parents. 

Webinars are the perfect way to connect with the audience and offer them a valuable education.

Lots of value leads to higher conversions 

When Nathalie hosts a webinar, she aims to educate her audience to the best ability. Another goal is to persuade them to buy the toolkit she offers. One of her most successful webinars had a 14% conversion rate! 

That was a webinar where people really understood the importance of an onboarding. They discovered so many things they didn't know, it really showed how much value I could offer them.

In addition to its impressive conversion rate, the webinar was very successful because of its highly interactive nature. Viewers were engaged and participated.

The private chat offers focus and insights

During the webinars, Nathalie likes to use the live chat, preferably the private chat. She enjoys to focus fully on the viewers, without having to guide discussions in the public chat. 

It also makes it easier for me to manage, I don't use a moderator and really do it on my own.

Besides helping viewers, webinars enable Nathalie to understand more about her target audience. For example, she asks if her viewers have prior knowledge on specific subjects and if what she tells them is new to them.
This way, she gets a lot of valuable answers that allows her to further optimize her content. 

After the webinar, she always reviews the messages in the statistics to make sure she didn't miss any questions. If she did, she easily follows up with an email to the viewer. 

From live to on demand 

The next step for Nathalie and The Little Leopard is to offer on demand webinars in addition to live webinars. 

One of the tricky things with live webinars is that people have to adjust their schedule. I like to make it more accessible so they can decide themselves when they want to watch.

In addition, Nathalie also indicates that many couples watch her webinars together. To find a time that suits both is often more difficult. With on demand webinars, she hopes to increase the availability of the webinars.

Testing lowers the threshold 

We asked Nathalie about her favorite feature. She immediately indicated that it was the ability to test the webinar. She often adds her notes to the webinar, practicing in the testing environment beforehand. 

It makes it a little less scary. It makes it easier.

In addition, private chat and statistics are other features she is very pleased with. 

Easy to use

Nathalie discovered WebinarGeek because someone recommended it to her. She was invited to attend a webinar and it seemed to work fine for her right away.

I thought, OK, if she can do it, so can I.

Nathalie found hosting a webinar quite exciting at first, mainly because of the technical part. During her trial, she realized that WebinarGeek was very easy to use. She also liked that viewers did not have to download an app. Compared to other providers, she feels like she is getting more value for money. 

Just go for it 

It's a wonderful way to connect with your audience and get to know your potential customers. So, I would say, schedule that first webinar and who knows what great things it will bring.

Nathalie has one final tip for someone who's getting started with webinars: "Just go for it!" We totally agree. Starting webinars can be scary, but you'll see soon enough that it's not that complicated.

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