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With webinars you can reach more leads all at once. Deliver a sales pitch with extra benefits and capabilities in the most efficient way possible.

Every week, Stance from ZorgSubsidieKalender hosts a webinar to show prospects the value of their database. She saves a lot of time through these conversations and gets more done in a short period of time.

What does ZorgSubsidieKalender do?

ZorgSubsidieKalender is a consultancy for care and welfare and has a large database with all subsidies and funds for care and welfare. We also provide workshops, subsidies, fundraising and advice.

Why did you choose WebinarGeek?

When evaluating WebinarGeek I saw tools with a lot of functionalities. We were also able to get started as quickly as possible.

What is your purpose with webinars?

Our purpose with webinars is to provide better help for our customers by showing them all the options from our database.

And of course it’s a relief to not have to get in the car or train for every customer. Then I would be on my way for about a week and a half, now I have one moment a week to reach all those customers and show them what our database entails and what we have to offer.

Why do webinars work for you?

Webinars work for us very well, because we notice that customers like to have contact over the phone. But even more so through a webinar, because then we can show them things at the same time. They can ask questions via chat and they feel much more engaged.

Photo of Stance giving a webinar

What was your most successful webinar ever?

It is a success if customers are convinced of our services and take a subscription. And we sold a lot of subscriptions after giving webinars.

What is your most important tip for anyone that wants to start with webinars?

Consider your current reach and how that can be improved with webinars. If you organize a webinar and promote it well, you can talk to hundreds of people all at once.

If you organize a webinar and promote it well you can talk to hundreds of people at once.

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