Generate sales with webinars

Let potential customers get to know your products and services and start with cross- and upsell.

Direct sales from your webinar

During a webinar it is possible to deliver your sales pitch and refer your leads to a special offer that only applies when viewing the webinar.

It is therefore very easy to make an exclusive offer to all viewers of your webinar and to persuade them to purchase.

The threshold to proceed to buying is much lower because the viewer has already invested time to follow your webinar.

Watch from everywhere

Leads register via your own website or via a page that your create in WebinarGeek. They then receive an email with the webinar link that they can open on any device. At the moment supreme, it doesn't matter how they watch. Just on the couch with a tablet? No problem!

Easy to use

You reach your entire audience in one go in a very easy way. You may be thinking, "but isn't it very difficult to make a webinar?" The answer to that question is very simple: "no!

Our software is designed in such a way that it is easy to use for everyone. Thanks to the intuitive process, you can create your own webinar in no time with all the parts you want to use in it!

Use webinars in your sales funnels


With handy interaction options such as polls and even quizzes, it is easy to keep the attention of all the viewers. You will see the results immediately, and the extensive statistics give you a clear overview of the reactions and answers given.

Connect to salesfunnel

Integrate your own CRM with WebinarGeek and ensure that everyone is invited to your latest webinars directly from your own system and synchronize new registrations for your webinar directly with your own CRM.


Answers to your poll questions are not the only thing you can get from the extensive statistics. This way you can also see who watched your webinar until what moment and who dropped out prematurely.

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