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Now that we've discussed the possibilities of the on demand webinar, it's time to create an on demand webinar. If you've created a live webinar before, many of these steps will sound familiar. But an on demand webinar can be created in many different ways. We'll discuss them all: 

How do you set up on-demand webinars?

Creating an on demand webinar can be done in three different ways. You can create a completely new on demand webinar. This on demand webinar can be set up in the same way as a live webinar, think of steps such as the registration page, interactions, and emails. When you want to add a new layout or different styling to your webinar, creating an on demand webinar this way can be very beneficial. Keep in mind that an on demand webinar is an empty webinar. Just like a live webinar would have no video when you don't start the live webinar, the on demand webinar doesn't have a video if you don't add one to the webinar. Adding a video to the webinar can be done via an external video URL or a live webinar's replay. 

Add your own video

You can add an external video URL via Youtube or Vimeo Business. This external video will be your webinar that your viewers can watch. If you want to use presentation slides in your webinar make sure these are part of the external video. Adding a presentation in the on demand webinar is not possible. 

Use your replay

Another option is to add the replay of a live webinar to your on demand webinar. It's important to note that your live webinar needs to be in the past because you need that recording for your on demand webinar. 

Make your on demand webinar directly available

A new on-demand webinar is set up within no-time. However, it could be even faster when you convert a live webinar to on demand webinar. When you convert a live webinar, all settings and content are transferred to the on demand webinars, such as the interactions, emails, registration page, etc. This can be useful if you immediately want to make the same webinar available as an on demand webinar. 

Tip: You don't have to have viewers for a live webinar. The live webinar will always record automatically. Therefore, live webinars are a great way to pre-record your webinar and use it for on-demand webinars.

You've now learned how to set up an on demand webinar in different ways. Do you want to check whether you've ticked all the boxes with your own on demand webinar? Download our 'Create an On Demand Webinar' checklist now and see if your on demand webinar is ready to be published!

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