AcademyGenerate leads with on demand webinarsWhat can you do with an on-demand webinar?

The on demand webinar is a pre-recorded webinar. The on demand webinar can be viewed by participants at a time of their choice. They are not bound to a fixed moment. Participants can also pause or rewind the webinar.

Participants register in advance, just like you’re used to with a live webinar. Because of this, the personal data of the participants will be processed in the webinar. After they have registered, they can view the webinar. In the on demand webinar you can add the same interactions as with any other webinar.

As a presenter, you have a small role during an on demand webinar and you are not bound to a fixed time either. After all, you do not have to stand in front of the camera and you also do not have to be present to answer questions from participants, which are sent directly to your mailbox.

In the statistics, you see the questions of the participants, the responses to the interactions and statistics such as viewing time. You generate information while you are busy with other activities. That makes the on demand webinar so nice to work with.

Leads and data

There are several reasons to choose an on demand webinar. You can of course collect data about your target group in an easy and accessible way. You can then respond to this by approaching leads after the webinar and build relationships with your leads. This can easily be done by sending a follow-up mail. Include that you are grateful that participants have taken the time to watch the webinar and that you would like to help them further, for example by scheduling a personal meeting. This way you can easily turn a cold lead into a warm lead and maybe even a new customer.


But collecting leads and converting customers are not the only reasons to opt for an on demand webinar. On demand webinars are an excellent tool to use for education. With an on demand webinar, you can easily set up an online course or online onboarding training. The webinar is pre-recorded so that the teacher does not have to attend the webinar and participants can submit questions when they do not know or understand something. In addition, you can use interactions or even assessments to take online exams and measure the level of knowledge.


After hosting a webinar, people often don't think about the webinar anymore. This is a shame because you have shared valuable information during the webinar and this content should not just disappear into the background. An on demand webinar gives you the possibility to re-use the replay of a live webinar in an on demand webinar. In this way, your content will last longer. When you place your on demand webinar on your Channel in WebinarGeek you get even more out of your content.

The channel is a page where all your future and on demand webinars can be found. At a glance, visitors can see all your webinars and thus all your valuable content. This way you can never lose content again.

What can you do with an on demand webinar in WebinarGeek?

  • After a live webinar, you can directly convert the webinar to an on demand webinar. Or you can choose to create an on demand webinar and add your own recording/webinar.

  • Bring all on demand webinars together on a page with the webinar channel. This way your valuable content does not disappear.

  • You can make your content available for a fee. You can create a paid on demand webinar by linking your Mollie account to your WebinarGeek account and activate the payment function.

In short, on demand webinars are an easy way to collect leads and convert customers. In addition, an on demand webinar can also be used as an online course or online training by scheduling interactions and allowing participants to ask questions. The questions cannot be handled directly in the webinar but are sent directly to your mailbox so you can answer them whenever it suits you. So you are not time-bound with an on demand webinar.

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