Registration process from A to Z

The purpose of the registration process
5 min
How to make a registration page
4 min
Payments, embedding and other settings
4 min
Optimize the registration process with integrations
4 min

About this course

Generating registrations is a crucial part of every webinar strategy. Let’s face it, a webinar’s success depends on the number of registrations you collect. If you want to succeed at organizing webinars, you have to do more than just create a registration page. It’s about the process that precedes the actual registration.

In this course, we’ll start with the basics of the registration process, which comes down to its purpose. Then we’ll go into the practical aspects of registration. In this part, you’ll learn how you can create a registration process and what you need to do to invite participants.

The process starts with creating awareness about your webinar with your potential lead. You want to intrigue and involve people, and make them consider whether your webinar matches their specific needs. The question you need to ask yourself is: what does your target audience need and what can you offer them in a webinar? In other words, what is the added value that you can bring to your potential webinar viewer?

After you’ve created added value, you are presented with the next challenge, which is convincing the potential viewer to register. This happens on the registration page. This is a page that you can customize completely to make it reflect the added value that you want to offer your viewers.

Of course, the process doesn’t end after someone has registered through your page. You want to make sure that registrants actually log in to your webinar and watch the content you have so carefully prepared. Keeping it short and sweet, we will explore the possibilities that will help you get the best results.