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5 Tips to create a professional webinar studio at home

Caroline - WebinarGeek


03 June 2021 - 4 min

Creating a Professional webinar studio can be incredibly intimidating. There are a million different webcams and microphones to choose from and not to mention finding the right space and lighting for your studio. This article shares some tips to create your own professional webinar studio at home.

1. Start small

This may sound obvious, but it’s very easy to get dragged into the world of gadgets. Not only will this get very expensive very quickly, but chances are you will buy loads of things that you won’t end up using. It also can lead to overwhelm. Because, what do you need to use them for, or even worse, where do you find the space to store all this equipment?

That’s why you need to start small and only buy the essentials. What are the essentials you ask? Assuming you already have a laptop to stream on, these are the absolute essentials you need for your webinar studio:

  • A high-quality webcam

  • A USB microphone

  • A stable internet connection

That’s it! Of course, you might need some lights or other equipment but this is your starting point.

2. Find the efficient space

Let’s be honest, we have a big in-house webinar studio with studio lights, professional PTZ cameras and multiple people directing our own webinars. When it comes to picking the right space, we’ve got it easy.

But finding the right space in your home is more than enough square meters to fit in all your equipment. It’s about efficiency. Take a look around your house and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this space have a window with a lot of natural lighting?

  • Is this space quiet or can I make it quiet here?

  • Can I set up my equipment and leave it here?

And, what were your answers? If you’ve answered yes on all of these questions you have the perfect space for your webinar studio. If not, that’s ok. We can work with that too. However, if your studio (or parts of it) is already set up you’re much more likely to host more webinars because you’ve taken away the hassle of setting up and breaking down your setup every time.

Want more information on how to actually set up your studio? Read more in our webinar studio blog.

3. Never underestimate lighting

You’re probably sick of hearing this, but remember, good lighting can make a world of difference! Rather than making this very complicated, try this instead:

Grab your phone and open the camera app. Find a window, stand in front of it and take two big steps backward. Select the front camera and take a selfie. Now turn 180 degrees and take another selfie. Shocking difference between the two photos, isn’t it?

Whenever you can, find a window to stand in front of. If you don’t have a window you can always supplement studio lights but nothing beats natural lighting, not even studio lights.

4. Clean up your space

This may sound like common sense but it’s so easy to overlook or even forget to tidy up space before you go live. Take a good 10 minutes to clear out space around you, especially in the background of your frame. Don’t forget to clean your desk. Yes, even that pen! It can be very distracting if you start clicking your pen out of habit while you’re live.

5. Don’t hide your home studio

There’s this misconception that just because you’re working from home, or in your home studio, you cannot make it look like you’re at home. That’s not true. Working from home can create authenticity that a studio cannot provide. Viewers love to see a sneak peek of your personality — like those plants or prints of your dog in the back. When you host a webinar, you do not have to hide that you are working at home. Just make sure your workspace is clear, the lighting is perfect, and no one speaks during the webinar.

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