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Upgrade your webinar setup with Black Friday deals

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24 November 2020 - 3 min


The 27th of November is that time of the year again! Black Friday! Promotions and discounts are everywhere, so we decided to do something special for you this year. All these discounts make it the best occasion to upgrade your webinar setup if you are giving webinars already. Also useful when you want to kickstart the new year with webinars. 


Using a webcam has several advantages; you can use monitors without a built-in camera to host your webinar for example. A separate webcam in combination with a tripod gives you more freedom in moving around. Webcams stream with a high resolution, so that you can broadcast your webinar in razor-sharp quality!

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Tripods for webcam

A useful item for your webcam is a tripod. This allows you to stabilize your image and adjust it to the ideal height for recording images. There are many variants to choose from, from desk stands to tripods.

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Digital camera

In addition to a webcam, it is also possible to use a digital camera with HDMI connection for your webinar. This is useful if you want to adjust certain image settings (FPS / resolution). For example, you can create a blurred background so that you are better emphasized.

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Tripod for Camera

Use a tripod to set the ideal height for your camera.

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Camera to Webcam

The use of external equipment such as cameras gives you more options to play around with images and sound in your webinar. Cameras often have their own apps, in which you can configure them as a webcam for your webinar. A switcher allows you to switch between different HDMI inputs. The switcher is recognized by WebinarGeek as a webcam.

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Good sound quality is essential during your webinar. It improves the transfer of your message. Connecting an external microphone to your computer is very easy to do. You can choose different options, such as a fixed or wireless microphone.

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Lighting is an important part of how viewers experience your webinars. Therefore, use as much natural light as possible. You will have to illuminate a dark room to be clearly visible. Good lighting does not have to be expensive! You can already sufficiently illuminate yourself with a small LED panel. That way you get a better picture. You can easily attach small LED panels to your monitor.

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External monitor

During your webinar you can use a second screen to easily manage interactions. On the main screen you show the webinar input and on the second screen you can answer the incoming chat questions.

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Laptop stand

A laptop stand increases the image so that viewers do not view you from below. For example, you can raise the screen to eye level. A laptop stand forces you to adopt a more upright posture, which is beneficial when presenting.

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Green Screen

Now that we work from home a lot, you can hardly avoid receiving viewers of your webinar at your kitchen table. Maybe you have a home office where you can give a quiet webinar. Another option is the use of chroma keying, or placing a green screen. There are several possibilities with which you can transform your home setting into a professional studio.

In this blog you can read more about how to use a green screen in your webinar.

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