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Completely safe with WebinarGeek

Stefan - WebinarGeek


06 October 2020 - 5 min

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Safety, security, privacy, the GDPR ... These are terms that are becoming increasingly important in the current digital era. Yet there are many companies that are not so careful with the protection of your user data, or that of your customers. WebinarGeek is! We are more than happy to tell you all about it!


In 2018, the world was introduced to the term "GDPR". Everything and everyone was in an uproar, what were the consequences for their company? Let's look at it from another perspective. As a user or customer it can feel as if companies know everything about you. If they know so much about you, how can you be sure that all your private data will not just be sold to the highest bidder? A legitimate fear, because unfortunately many large parties have not not handled this data very carefully in the past. That is why the GDPR was created.

The GDPR gives customers and users more privacy rights, and companies more responsibilities to handle customer data accurately. The best thing is that these rules do not only apply on a national level, but that they apply to everyone who processes data from EU citizens. Companies that do not comply can count on hefty fines!

Because the privacy of our users and their customers is a top priority to us, WebinarGeek has ensured that we meet all the strict requirements from the start of the GDPR, and with success!

Privacy Shield

In America, they thought they would meet the same strict requirements of the GDPR with the Privacy Shield. So by joining, they thought that this was the end of it. Many of our competitors joined the Privacy Shield and were still able to transfer European customer data to America.

Despite the fact that the name sounds very strong, it has turned out to be a sham. On July 16, 2020, the European Court of Justice declared the Privacy Shield invalid. The extent to which personal data was protected at companies affiliated to Privacy Shield has proved inadequate by European standards. It means that companies that wanted to present themselves to the outside world as safe may still have handled your data carelessly. The fact that Privacy Shield has now been declared invalid by the European court means that companies in Europe are no longer allowed to do business with American companies that are affiliated with Privacy Shield. In Europe we are expected to comply with the GDPR, and companies that are affiliated with Privacy Shield do not do this. This means that these are not safe partners to communicate information with or to have data processed by.

Information about the privacy shield


Many companies do not consider the consequences of continuing to do business with these parties. If a check shows that a European company is exchanging data with an American party that is only affiliated with Privacy Shield but is not GDPR proof, hefty fines can be handed out. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that you GDPR proof yourself, but also every company that processes data from or for you, because this is still your own responsibility.

Be sensible, choose WebinarGeek

So make it easy for yourself and do not choose 1 of our American competitors who proved to not be GDPR compliant by the invalidation of Privacy Shield. Instead choose the Dutch WebinarGeek that fully meets all the requirements set by the EU for processing personal data. No worries for you or your customers. You probably already have enough other things on your mind! Don't let this be one of them!

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