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How to implement company policies (and improve internal communication)

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28 April 2022 - 5 min

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You want to get everyone on board when you implement new policies in the workspace. So what do you do? Do you write an email or post a message on the intranet, for example? There are so many more personal ways. Improve internal communications and think about hosting a webinar. 

Communicating new policy plans to the rest of your colleagues can cause a bit of a stir. You, therefore, want to create support. In regards to this, it's incredibly important how you communicate. All employees are affected and you want to get everyone on the same page.

Communicate new policy plans personally

To create support for new policy plans, there are a few tips that you definitely want to take into account. First of all, make it personal. With a webinar, you share new company policies or other information with the rest of the organization in one fell swoop, but then you humanize it. A lot more personal than an email or newsletter. 

You have more influence over how your message comes across when you present it yourself than when people read it. There is less chance of someone interpreting it in a different way than you intended. A great way to create more support within the workspace.

Be open to feedback on the policy

Involve your colleagues in the new company policies by asking for feedback. A webinar is a perfect tool for this. Make it interactive by fetching opinions with the polls and evaluation form, or work with moderators to start the conversation in the chat. Input from your colleagues is incredibly important. Good internal communication is not just informing. It's also listening. 

Communicating interactively and involving colleagues in the new company policy plans helps enormously if you want to create support. You get more insight into the needs of your audience and ensure that there is no feeling that change is being imposed. Show that you are open to feedback. Very valuable if you want the organization to work like a well-oiled machine. 

Have a clear message 

Very important is that you have a clear message. After you have communicated the new policies to your colleagues, you want to avoid leaving your colleagues with loads of questions and misunderstandings. Get your message across clearly and critically examine how you do this. 

Is there going to be a lot of change to the workspace? Then you might consider a training course. In addition to the webinar you gave on the new policy, you can also offer an (on demand) webinar as training. You can easily give a demo of a new system by sharing your screen during the webinar. 

Make sure the information can be retrieved later  

If you want to grow your business, change is inevitable. When you announce new plans, it can be quite overwhelming for your colleagues. Make sure the information you share is easy to find afterward. 

Are you using a webinar to announce new policies, but still want to share a document? Use the call to action to share it in a few clicks. It is nice for your colleagues to have a handout with the biggest changes in the company policy plans. The link to the document can also appear on the sales page afterward. Are you hosting a live webinar? Then there's the replay for those who missed it!  

Start internally and win externally

Using a webinar to present new company policy plans leads to more support. You share a message in a much more personal way than if you do this in writing. The most important aspect of internal communication is listening rather than conveying information. 

During a webinar, you create a great moment for interaction. Proactively ask for opinions and really listen to your colleagues. Leave room for feedback before the policy plans are set in stone.

Decide how you will offer the webinar. An on demand webinar is also a great option, anyone can watch it when they have time and review it later. In the end, a webinar to share internal communications is already a lot more personal. And you want that because starting internally = winning externally. 

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