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After the pandemic, the world looks different. It has become even more virtual and will probably continue to be so. The way of teaching has changed quite a bit in recent years. From full college benches to empty schools. Everything happened online.

The student era should be the best time of your life. Unfortunately, for many students, this was not the case during the past two years, but everything has to come to an end. Today the question is: will we from now on only go to school physically? Or will it be a combination between on- and offline?

An online classroom

Meanwhile, it is clear that online teaching is a great option. Many schools are struggling with a lack of space, so an online class can offer a solution. In addition, everyone has become accustomed to online learning. It doesn't sound bad: no travel time and getting your diploma in your pajamas on the couch. Do students really want to go back to the days when they were cheek by jowl on the train at 8:00 a.m.?

From the student's perspective, you can guess this one. If you've been passing out at the club on Thursday nights, then this answer is no. Skipping class is unfortunately common in situations like this. A webinar as an online classroom sounds like a nice alternative.

During a webinar, students learn in their own nice environment. Just flipping open a laptop is enough to be with the class. After the webinar, the presenter sees exactly who watched and for how long. You even easily set a minimum viewing time to see in an overview who was present for the entire lesson.

Many options to interact with the audience

A lack of interaction? Certainly not. With WebinarGeek, there are plenty of opportunities to keep in touch with viewers. Think polls to gauge opinions, quizzes to check knowledge, or call-to-action buttons to share files with.

In addition to the interaction options, the presenter and students keep in touch via chat. Questions are asked without interrupting you, as they cannot turn on a microphone. You can see who is asking which questions and which questions are asked more often. Then you also know what you can pay more attention to during the lesson.

If you teach a lesson more often or don't have time at the time when the lesson is scheduled, it is useful to set up a webinar as an automated one. You record it earlier and let it play at the time the lesson starts. If necessary, you can log in as a moderator to answer burning questions in advance.

Gather valuable information

Of course, your classroom is not always just used for webinars! During open days, teachers and other students talk passionately about their profession and study. Classrooms are often packed during such a presentation. This can also be done online.

An online open day gives many more opportunities compared to a physical open day. You gather a lot more information during a webinar. For example, use polls to gauge what (future) students expect, what they think of a program, or ask if they will register after the day. Send the replay to anyone who couldn't attend. The reach is so much greater.

Through the registration page of WebinarGeek, participants and/or students can subscribe, or you import the participants yourself. You know in advance how big your audience will be and you send completely automated reminders. Optionally, you can also share the watch-without-registration link.

During the webinar, you easily show all the videos that make your story even stronger. You upload the videos directly from your computer. No hassle with external links. You can also use YouTube videos. All the videos you use and the recordings of webinars can be found on the video page.

Share extra teaching materials

Do you want to share some more material? You can do that in just a few clicks. A link to the file can be added to a call to action to show during your webinar. Homework or a handout can be shared when you want during your presentation.

Another option to share even more information is the sales page. Your audience sees this page after a webinar has ended (if you have set this up). On the sales page, you can add the same call to action with a link to a handout as you showed during a webinar. You will later see in the statistics who clicked on it.

The sales page is also very useful to share other information. Think of a link to the website, when other webinars are or some practical information. If you have the chat on as soon as you clicked 'stop webinar', you can still chat with the audience up to an hour after the webinar for some questions.

With so many options, it's almost crazy not to use a webinar tool to teach online or host online open days. Curious about the options? Then schedule a 1-on-1 demo or create a free trial to try all the features.

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