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How to pass your webinar assessment

A webinar is not just fun to watch. It is also the ideal way to take an assessment. During the webinar, there are several ways to pass the assessment. In this blog we will explain how you can pass your webinar assessment.

The Assessment

We start by explaining the assessment. What exactly is the assessment? The assessment tool allows you to measure if someone meets the requirements to pass the webinar by using different criteria. This way, the host of the webinar can measure whether the participants have gained enough knowledge while watching the webinar. But it can also measure whether participants have seen enough material from the webinar.

The Criteria

What exactly are these criteria that we are talking about? There are 4 different criteria:

  • Viewing time

  • Polls

  • Quiz

  • Evaluation form

Viewing time measures exactly how many minutes or percentage of the webinar you watched. This criteria is ideal for measuring whether participants watched the webinar to the end or to a significant portion of the webinar. If you do not achieve the minimum number of minutes or percentage, you will not pass the webinar.

Polls and quizzes are very similar when it comes to the testing criteria. In fact, it’s set how many polls or quizzes you must answer to pass the webinar. The main difference is that with a poll you only have to answer, and with a quiz you have to give the right answer to pass.

The host may also have set up an evaluation form after the webinar. This can also be an assessment criteria. If you fill out the evaluation form completely you will get the points you need to pass the webinar.

So how exactly does it work?

Of course it's nice, all these criteria, but how does it work exactly? For the viewing time you don't have to do much. Make sure you watch the entire webinar so you are sure that you have achieved the minimum viewing time.

For the polls, it is especially important that you respond to the polls within the given time. This also applies to the quizzes but beware! You have to fill in the correct answer within the given time. If you fail to do this, then the quiz does not count.

The evaluation form will appear automatically after the webinar. Make sure that you fill in the evaluation form completely so that you meet the criteria and thus pass the webinar.

Are you curious about how to respond to an interaction and what the evaluation form actually looks like? Then watch the video on the viewer experience of a webinar.

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