How to Set Up a Quiz

10 July 2020 - 3 min

Now, in addition to the poll, call to action and information box, you can also choose the interaction: quiz.

With a poll, you can ask questions to measure the opinions of the participants in percentages. With the quiz, you can ask questions with correct and wrong answers. This way you can test the participants of your webinar.

Create quiz

Start by creating a new interaction. In the list of interactions, you now also see the quiz. The layout of the quiz is similar to the layout of the poll. Fill in the title for internal use and select a single-choice or multiple-choice question.

With single-choice, the participants can only choose one correct answer. With multiple-choice, participants can provide multiple correct answers. They will also see what percentage of the question they have answered correctly.

Then fill in the quiz question and possible answers. It is important that you tick the correct answer.

Quizzes in assessment

The quiz is a nice feature in itself but in combination with the assessment tool, you create a fully-loaded exam webinar.

Activate the assessment and indicate how many quiz questions the participants must answer correctly. When the participants have answered enough questions correctly, they pass the test. Because the assessment results are already available during the webinar, you can respond immediately.

Start quiz during webinar

When you have created the quiz questions, you can start up the quizzes one by one during the live webinar. As with the poll, you start the quiz by selecting the lightning bolt icon and clicking ‘start’. Decide if you want to start the interaction for a definite or indefinite period of time.

Do you use quizzes in an automated or on-demand webinar? Do not forget to set the start time, voting time, and result display time for quiz questions. This determines the time at which the quiz starts, how long the participants have to answer the questions, and how long the results are displayed.


With this quiz update, the statistics have also been updated. In the Interaction statistics, you will now see the quiz questions with all the chosen answers. Here you can see how many participants gave the correct answers.

There are no half points rewarded with multiple-choice questions. The points are only awarded if the complete correct answer has been given.

The statistics also show how many participants have passed the assessment.

In short

The quiz is ideal for questioning your participants and hosting exams in the webinar, in combination with the assessment. Creating the quiz works the same as creating a poll, but you have to select one or more correct answers in the quizzes. When using the quiz in an automated or on-demand webinar, you can also set the start time, voting time, and result display time.