Podcast: What is it like to own a Saas company?

21 December 2020 - 2 min

Our very own CEO of WebinarGeek, Remco Treuren, was invited to the VrijheidsOndernemers Show podcast with Jeanet Bathoorn. He talked about what it's like to own a SaaS business. At the end of the blog you can find the podcast to listen to, please note that this podcast is only available in Dutch.

Important lessons of entrepreneurship

An important lesson of entrepreneurship is that you can only excel as a company if let other experts do their tasks and you can outsource things. You want to be able to hire people who are experts in their field. You want to be able to learn from the people who work for you.

Growth this year

WebinarGeek has grown tremendously in 2020. The number of customers and the turnover has increased fivefold. It sounds like we have benefited from the Corona crisis, but WebinarGeek has been able to help many entrepreneurs make money by hosting webinars. For example, educational institutions have been able to host webinars at a reduced rate and we deliberately did not raise prices in 2020, which we have seen happen a lot this year.

Webinar is an experience

Webinars can be hosted with only your laptop but you can also host a webinar from a professional studio. So you can go many ways with webinars and make it as extensive as you want. Webinars are no longer just a means of communication, but are becoming more and more an experience. In addition, webinars will be an indispensable part of the future.

Want to hear the full story? Listen to the whole podcast via the button below. Please note that this podcast is only available in Dutch.