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Are you ready for some big announcements? Thanks to your input, the team has developed some great new features once again. There's a huge revamp coming. Are you curious? You can find the highlights here.

The interface in German

Good news for our German-speaking customers. From now on you have the possibility to use the WebinarGeek interface in German as well. Dutch and English were already available, but by adding the German language, it is now easier for everyone to set up a webinar in their own language. Go to your account > My Account > Settings to check it out right away!

A more clear registration page

From now on you can add the day of the week that your webinar takes place to the registration page. This makes it even easier for your registrants to see if they can attend on the day you host your webinar! Want to know which day is best for hosting webinars? In this blog you'll find the best time to host a webinar and who knows, your registrations may grow even faster!

Optimisations in the API

We added new features to the API. For example, filter your webinars by language and add more details to your registration fields. This way you can optimize your funnel even further.

A huge update coming soon...

For months our developer's team has been working on our biggest release: a new streaming app! That's right, we are changing the entire live environment. This allows you to have

multiple presenters on screen and gives you more control over how your webinar environment looks like. Curious? For a sneak preview, go to your account and choose 'Product Updates' in the top right corner. We look forward to your feedback!

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