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Product update 2021

The first product update of the year is here! Our team didn't sit still in the last month of 2021 and worked on some great features. A nice ending of 2021 and a great start of 2022 at the same time. Wondering which feature is the most valuable for you? Catch up in a few minutes and read this blog.

Enhanced emails for on-demand webinars

You can automate the emails for your on-demand webinars even better. As with your live and automated webinars, you can now a segment the follow-up email for your on-demand webinars. Choose which segment will receive a specific follow up mail; the subscribers, viewers, or non-viewers. Give your viewers of the webinar a unique offer while reminding non-viewers to watch your webinar. Just set it up once for your on-demand webinar and you don't have to worry about it anymore. Leads are flowing in automatically! 💰

Register easier for webinar series

When you add webinars to a series, all webinars that are linked to the series are selected on the registration page. If participants does not want to follow the entire series they have to uncheck it themselves. Initially, this was the default setting, but from now on you can choose whether you want the checkmark to be already selected or not. This gives you even more possibilities to adjust the registration page to the wishes of your target group.

A clear title for your entire webinar series

Webinars are often linked to a series in e.g. courses and training. First used to have the same name as the first webinar. Now you add a unique title to the serie. Easily divide your webinars into multiple lessons or training, without the title of the first webinar possibly causing confusion. Tip: offer trainings as on-demand webinar and make use of the new feature to segment mails!

End of the Internet Explorer era

Perhaps you already noticed that people are using Internet Explorer less and less. To be more specific; in December '21 only 0,05% of the webinar viewers used Internet Explorer. Over the years the browser has been less optimized for websites than other browsers. Things change, and therefore WebinarGeek decided to stop supporting Internet Explorer for viewers. For those viewers who still want to watch via this browser, we recommend watching via Edge.

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