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You don't always have to host a webinar live. Sometimes a pre-recorded webinar is a great solution, for example, if you have hosted a live webinar and want to host it more often. Then, you don't have to go live over and over again. Just host your pre-recorded webinar automated at the set time, or let participants choose when they watch it with an on-demand webinar.

Make a recording

There are several ways to pre-record your webinar. A video is made in no time! If you want to film at a location without an internet connection because you want to show something (for example), just grab your camera and start presenting. Just make sure that your sound is good. No matter how good the picture quality is, if the sound is bad, viewers will, unfortunately, drop out. Afterward, you can upload your webinar and easily schedule any interactions.

Are you hosting a webinar from a location where you do have an internet connection? Then it becomes even easier to pre-record your webinar. Create a live webinar and go live - but without viewers. Afterward, you have the replay of your live webinar. You can easily use that recording for your webinar or other content. Your pre-recorded live webinar is converted to an automated or on-demand webinar in a few clicks and is exactly the same as how you hosted it ‘live’.

Benefits of an automated webinar

Both automated and on-demand webinars are webinars that you pre-record. The difference is in the way it is broadcast. An automated webinar is a webinar that takes place at a set time and date as if it were live. You can offer your webinar on multiple dates and times simultaneously if you want to give participants the chance to follow your webinar more often. You don't have to host the same webinar three times a week, just schedule your pre-recorded webinar more often!

During your automated webinar, you can also make the chat available. You can then log in as a moderator and chat with the participants. This way, it's easy to present in peace and also answer questions at the same time! In addition, you create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) if you host it at a set time and date. Participants don't want to miss your webinar. They make time to be there so they can chat right away, give feedback or join in the interactions live.

Benefits of an on-demand webinar

You don't have to schedule your pre-recorded webinar on a set time and date. With an on-demand webinar, you give the viewer the chance to watch your webinar at a time that is convenient for them. Just like with a live and automated webinar, you can also use the interactions in your on-demand webinar to learn more about your target audience, use a quiz to accompany (for example) training or a call to action to get your viewers to sign up for your next webinar right away!

You can also easily offer your pre-recorded webinar as a paid webinar. Think of a course that you link as a webinar series. Your viewers can then choose when they follow the course, and you earn money with a webinar that you have recorded only once!

Upload your own videos for the pre-recorded webinar

Simply upload the video you want to use for your pre-recorded webinar into WebinarGeek. On your video page, you will find all the videos you have used during or as a webinar. Within a few clicks, you add it to use as a webinar.

Would you prefer to use a pre-recorded webinar first, to go live with a Q&A later? Then first add the video of the webinar and play it during a live webinar. Once the video is over, you're live for the viewers to do a Q&A. If you already have a great recording, you can use the time of the webinar for the viewers to chat with them to answer any pressing questions in advance or make new connections.

Repurpose the recording

The recording of your live webinar is still valuable after the webinar has ended. Just because the webinar is over, doesn't mean the recording doesn't add value. Besides the fact that viewers who missed it would probably like to see it again, you can also use the webinar for other purposes.

For example, you can reuse the content of your pre-recorded webinar on a social media channel! Think of a snippet of your previously given live webinar that you deploy as an automated or on-demand webinar. Your viewers will know better what to expect, or you can use it to promote your next webinar.

Automatically follow up on leads

Just as with a live webinar, you can automate your emails with a pre-recorded webinar. In an automated webinar, segment the data by viewers and non-viewers. This works the same for an automated webinar as it does for a live webinar. After the replay, remind the participants to sign up for your newsletter, next webinar or trigger them to take action and promote your offer again.

Also, with an on-demand webinar, you can fully automate the emails. Once someone has watched the webinar, they will then receive an email X number of days or hours after your webinar in which you give follow-up. Very handy to remind your warm leads again of what value your webinar had. You are still fresh in their minds. The best time to bring in a lead!

Live vs. pre-recorded webinar

Depending on your goal and time, choose a live or pre-recorded webinar. A live webinar is the best choice if you want to answer questions that viewers ask via chat during your webinar, or if you want to respond live to the answers that viewers give via the poll for example. For burning questions, a moderator is there to help you! The moderator answers the questions via chat.

A pre-recorded webinar is the best choice if, for example, you want to host a webinar from a separate location without a connection, if you find it scary to present, or if you don't have time to host the webinar at a specific time. You can also easily broadcast a pre-recorded webinar more often, without it taking extra time. During your automated webinar, you keep in touch with the viewers via chat or you follow up on the questions later by email.

Both live and pre-recorded webinars help to grow your business. Automate leads, make them personal and share your knowledge. In 3, 2, 1 - action!

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