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You've hosted a live webinar and collected warm leads. So what do you do with the recording? Consider an automated or on demand webinar! A great way to continue generating leads with content that already is there. But how do you do that and why? Want to know more about how to go about it? Then don't wait and read on. 

1. Recycle your content 

You've put a lot of time and effort into your webinar. What a shame it would be to leave it at only one webinar. Webinars are often one time events, especially live webinars. But why not keep sharing your knowledge? Continuing to use existing content can be very beneficial not only for you but also for the viewer. You collect new leads, your viewer collects new knowledge. Winning! 

2. Serve your viewers 

On demand webinars are available to watch whenever your viewers want to. And you are able to see exactly how long they watched. An automated webinar can be broadcasted more often and at set times. You get a nice insight into how interesting your content was and even when most people watch a webinar. With a webinar that you convert to automated or on demand, you still give the target group who missed the registration the first time the chance to register for the webinar. And when your viewers have any questions? They simply ask them via chat! You can respond during an automated webinar when you login as moderator or send an email whenever you have the time. 

3. Automated follow up

Follow up your leads without making an effort. Sounds good right? Set up emails to be sent automatically when the webinar has ended, which can be after an hour or a day for example. For both automated and on demand webinars you only need to set this up once. Once the webinar has ended, your viewer will automatically receive an email. Think of an offer, evaluation form or, of course, an invitation for the next webinar.

4. Promote your next webinars 

After your webinar has ended, you are still on top of the minds of your viewers. And as the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot. Show a call to action and give your viewers the chance to immediately register for the next webinar. Very accessible because it can be done with one single push on the button! Then optimize the funnel of the webinar again. Want to know how to do that? Read the blog about webinars in your marketing funnel

5. Expand your network 

To view a webinar, someone must first fill out the registration form. A good place to ask for the most important details of your target audience. What do you want to know about them? The standard fields are first name and email address, but also think about their job title or the company someone works. Don't forget to add an opt-in field asking if you can add the participant to your mailing list for new updates. Your network of new leads will continue to grow this way.

6. More insight into the target group

It is also easy to gather more info during and after the webinar. Set up a poll to gauge the opinion of your viewers, or an evaluation form to be shown after the webinar has ended. In the statistics you will find everything in an overview later on. Chances are that your webinars will be more and more successful if you have tailored it to your target audience down to the last detail! 

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