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New updates on the software again! We always try to make your webinars as successful as possible.

Read more about the features that are added this month.

Hiding audio-only viewers on stage

So, you've got a bunch of viewers on stage, but not everyone has their camera on. You might want to only display the viewers who have their cameras activated. Well, now there's a setting to hide those audio-only viewers. They'll still be heard, but they won't clutter up the screen. Super handy for busy stages! Plus, who knows, it might encourage those audio-only viewers to turn their cameras on too.

Hide audio-only viewers gif

Pipedrive deal status

Now, when you update a Pipedrive deal through a trigger, you can configure which status the deal should have to trigger the update. This makes the Pipedrive integration even smoother, requiring even less manual work on your end.

Webhooks (beta)

Connect with WebinarGeek through webhooks, configure numerous events, and create powerful automations. Webhooks are now available in beta. Just drop a message in the chat, and we'll activate it in your account so you can be among the first to test it.

Webhooks gif

On Wednesday, 21 February at 2 PM, we'll be back on air with another broadcast of the product update webinar. We show you all the features that have recently been launched. You'll also get a unique sneak peek of new features that are in development. Sign up now!

Product Update webinar Wednesday 21 February @ 2 PM
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