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The first product update of 2021 is live! We kick off this month with several improvements to the app and some pretty epic new features (if we say so ourselves). Curious about what’s new in the WebinarGeek app? Keep reading to find out.

Customizable Countdown page

Before the viewers enter your webinar they see the countdown page. This page shows how much time there is left until the webinar room opens up and the viewers can enter. We’ve received a lot of interesting feedback regarding this page. That’s why it is now possible to customize the countdown page to fit your corporate identity.

Change the style of the page, add information about the webinar, and even add a video of the presenter introducing themselves before the webinar. The new countdown page has many options you can use to your advantage.

Email confirmation field

We’ve all been there. You sign up for something with your email address but you’ve typed the address wrong and now you don’t get correspondence, whatsoever. This is a thing of the past in WebinarGeek! Now you can add the option for an email confirmation field. When your toggle this option on, subscribers have to enter their email twice before they can confirm.

Active speaker

The co-presenter is a well-loved feature for WebinarGeek users and we received many great tips, ideas and feedback about this feature from our customers. Our development team has been working hard to further improve the video quality and stability of the co-presenter feature and have also added a new option. The newest addition to the co-presenter feature is the ‘active speaker’.

The active speaker option makes it possible to automate the switch between presenters. Whoever is speaking will be in view. If another co-presenter speaks, the camera will automatically switch to the other presenter. Of course, it is still possible to have the main presenter switch cameras manually.

Webinar subscribers

Another improvement to the app is the calculation of the ‘webinar subscriber’ number. Previously, participants that unsubscribed to the webinar were still counted as subscribers in the ‘webinar subscriber’ total. We have changed this so the total number of subscribers now excludes the people that have unsubscribed to the webinar. In the statistics you will also find a new filter and statistics for the unsubscribers for a complete overview.

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