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Product Update: just-in-time webinars

Pam - WebinarGeek


10 May 2024 - 5 min

Get ready for the monthly Product Update. This time, we've added just-in-time webinars, new HubSpot options, and a new webinar language. 

Just-in-time webinars

You're just-in-time for this new update! Offer webinars always close to the viewing time so your viewers will think they are just in time. Set an automated webinar as a just-in-time webinar. Visitors to the registration page will see they have 5 minutes (for example) before the next webinar starts. As you choose to broadcast it as an automated webinar, they will think it is a live webinar. 

  • Drive your conversion

  • Make your webinar more accessible 

  • Give a live experience 

Learn more about how to set up your just-in-time webinar in our Help Center article.

Just in time webinar sceenshot

Synchronize chat messages in HubSpot

This new trigger will synchronize viewers’ chat messages with HubSpot after the webinar has ended. 

  • Collect even more data in one place within your HubSpot environment.

  • Provide your colleagues with greater insight into what occurred during the webinar.

  • Tailor the follow-up 

Check out our Help Center article to learn more. 

HubSpot chat message synchronize

Create webinars in Brazillian Portuguese 

Create your webinars in the 7th most spoken language in the world. Making it more accessible to everyone. This means the default language will be set to Portuguese for:

  • Registration, confirmation, and countdown page

  • Registration fields

  • Embed form

  • Interactions

  • Confirmation, reminder, replay and follow-up emails

  • The streaming app

    Brazillian portuguese

Feature spotlight: video & countdown in emails

Upgrade your emails with a countdown and video. The countdown makes people feel like they have to act fast, and a video grabs the attention. Put them together to make your emails stand out. 

Countdown and video in email

Our next product update will take place during our free event: The Webinarverse on 23 May. A day filled with lots of webinars to immerse yourself in the world of AI x webinars. Discover which new AI features we will add soon and a sneak peek of what else we plan to develop. Save your seat now! 

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