Product update July 2020

9 July 2020 - 3 min


One of our most requested features is finally live, and ready to present to you: The Quiz!

Now, in addition to the poll, call to action and information box, you can also choose the interaction: quiz.

With the quiz, you can ask questions with correct and wrong answers. This way you can test the participants of your webinar. These answers can be divided into single-choice and multiple-choice. The quiz can also be combined with the assessment tool. By indicating how many quizzes have to be answered correctly, in the assessment criteria, you decide when someone passes the webinar.

With this quiz update, the statistics have also been updated. In the Interaction statistics, you will now see the quiz questions with all the chosen answers. Here you can see how many participants gave the correct answers and how many participants have passed the assessment.

Want to know more about the quiz? Learn how to set up your quiz


Exclusively for our Advanced subscriptions, we have created a new feature called Departments. With the departments, you can organize your WebinarGeek account with multiple users in an orderly manner.

By creating different departments, such as Marketing, HR, and Sales, you will have the opportunity to classify different uses among these departments. The users will only see the webinars that apply to them.

Within each department, you have the option to add department managers. The department manager can see and manage all webinars of all users of the relevant department.

Please note! This feature is only available in an Advanced subscription.

On-demand maximum viewing period

A new feature for the paid on-demand webinars is the maximum viewing period. When a participant has paid for an on-demand webinar, they have limited access to the replay of this on-demand webinar. For example, you can make the replay available for two days. A participant can watch the replay until those two days are over, after which the replay is no longer available.