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Product update: invite an attendee to speak

Pam - WebinarGeek


02 November 2023 - 5 min

Just in case you missed it, you can now invite your viewers on stage! And we've launched further improvements to make sharing the spotlight with viewers easier than ever. Plus, there's a new functionality coming that many have been asking for.

Invite an attendee to speak

In the October product update, we added the feature to invite viewers on stage. This makes your webinars even more interactive! To reduce the barrier for someone to join a live broadcast, we've now added the option to share only the audio from a viewer.

Now, you can invite a viewer to speak without their camera. Invite them to the digital stage and:

  • Host interactive workshops

  • Have in-depth discussions with the viewers

  • Let participants connect with each other

  • Conduct a live Q&A

  • Replace meeting tools

  • Invite viewers for live testimonials

How will you use this feature? Give it a try right in your account. For more guidance, check out our Help Center article!

Open rate statistics for emails

Another highly requested feature is almost ready. Are you sending emails from WebinarGeek? You'll soon be able to see who receives, opens, or doesn't open your emails. This is especially handy to track whether your reminder or follow-up emails are being read. Maybe a different subject line works even better. Gain more insight into the performance of your emails and optimize your funnel with email statistics.

On Thursday, November 16th, we're going live again with a new broadcast of the Product Update webinar. We'll show you all the new features. Plus, you'll get a unique sneak peek of upcoming functions you can expect soon. Sign up now!

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