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One of our most requested features is now available. Make your webinars even more interactive by inviting individual viewers on stage! We've also launched a variety of other fantastic new features worth checking out. Easily gather leads and optimize your workflow. Let's go!

Invite a viewer on stage

We are thrilled to announce the feature you've been asking for. Invite a viewer on stage during your live webinar! Take audience interaction to the next level and increase engagement by inviting select viewers to participate with audio and video, or just audio.

Viewer on stage gif

This new feature opens the door to a whole world of new possibilities:

  • Host interactive workshops

  • Conduct in-depth discussions with the viewers

  • Let participants connect with each other

  • Hold a live Q&A beyond the live chat

  • Host your webinars and meetings in 1-software

  • Invite viewers for live testimonials

This feature is already available in your account, so you can use it right away. Let your engagement grow! Need more explanation? Our Help Center article will guide you.

New Zapier triggers

Segmenting is now even easier in Zapier. We've added 2 new triggers! One that differentiates between a live viewer and a replay viewer and another that activates when someone starts watching. A lead who attended live is just a bit warmer than someone who watches the replay later - you might want to follow up with these leads differently. Customize Zapier to your own preferences.

Limit the number of webinars on the registration page

If you host the same webinar on multiple dates, the list of broadcasts on the registration page can get quite long. Limit how many broadcasts you want to display at any given time. This way, participants have a more focused selection, increasing the likelihood that they'll register for an earlier webinar. A shorter lead time to your webinar can lead to a higher turnout. You can set this up in just a few clicks under registration access settings.

Screenshot limit registrations

Extra information in ActiveCampaign

Are you collecting registrations from different sources? You'll want to easily track which source each of your registrations came from. And the great news is, with new registrations, it's super easy in ActiveCampaign! This field is now included. With new registrations, you'll see a customized field indicating the registration source.

Soon, we'll be back on air with a new Product Update webinar. On October 26th, we'll show you all the features that have recently launched. You'll also get a unique sneak peek of new features that are in development. Sign up now!

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